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When you’re running a start up, one of the most important things is remaining agile. You’re a lean organisation in it’s early days and one of the most important things is being able to pivot quickly to take advantage of opportunities and react to challenges.

One way to maintain this agility and make the most of your team is to keep your office space to a minimum and hire what you need when you need it. This not only cuts your budget, but helps you see exactly what resources you’ll need what the time comes to scale out and rent more space: looking at the short term hires you’ve made over the past year or two will give you an idea what you’ll need in the long term, and what would be a waste of your resources.


One great example of the space you can hire is for training and developing your staff. Unless you’re committed to a programme of continuous training and improvement in your business, it’s likely not a great use of your money to maintain training rooms permanently. If you look into training room hire London has plenty to offer, and so you can be sure you will always be able to hire the resources you need when you to run training sessions for your staff.

Meeting Rooms

If you’re self employed, or running a small business you don’t necessarily have a meeting room on hand all the time. The alternative is meeting clients in your home, and this might not be an ideal solution! If you need to present to clients in a professional context, hiring a meeting room is a good solution, allowing you to show your most polished face to the world.

Co-Working Space

If you’re a lone entrepreneur one of the challenges you face is isolation. It can be difficult to focus and work productively on your own, especially if you’re used to the background noise and energy of a bustling office.

Fortunately solutions are springing up all over the capital. Co-working spaces offer a haven for freelancers and lone wolves, with office facilities and shared workspaces available for rent. Some of the most exclusive offer in-house massage, beer on tap and other luxuries, but for the more budget conscious you can simply work alongside others, and share both the atmosphere and their insights on a flexible package built for you.

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