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Almost everyone, really.

At this very moment the internet is congested by articles and posts telling you that New Year’s resolutions don’t work, why they don’t work and how to make sure that they do work.

I’m telling you they do work! But you’ll have to keep them simple and make sure that every item on your list of New Year’s resolutions is something that makes you excited.

It doesn’t matter whether it is exited ‘good’ or excited ‘bad’; the only thing that matters is that when you write it down you feel a gentle breath on the back of your neck and the little weight in your belly that centres you.

This is how you know it’s a sound resolution and it’s going to happen.

Today, I was doing a bit of organising; as you do on the last day of the year. In my desk I found a little piece of paper (1/8 of an A4 sheet) saying:

My New Year’s resolutions 2010

1) Turn around our financial fortunes

2) Finish my academic book about academy – industry links

3) Mend my family

Remember that on 31 December 2009 I knew that:

  1. We have £100,000 debt
  2. I was really angry with John about trying to shield me (misguidedly, as it turned out)
  3. I was refused a personal chair (unjustly, I believe)

Life was  cr*p, really. In fact, I was still in the process of convincing myself that I have a life.

I made these New Year’s resolutions; after all what did I have to lose?

Guess what?

Fast forward four years, and:

  1. I/we have turned around out financial fortune. All our debt is paid off, all £100,000. We also have done loads of structural work on the house (paid upfront) and have been investing aggressively.
  2. I have personal professorship. I didn’t finish the book but chose to publish high impact academic articles setting out my theory. Let’s just say that I published in Science which not many sociologists can boast; for that matter not many scientists can either.
  3. Our family is stronger than ever. John and I have always been a good team; now we are exceptional. Sons are included in the Nedeva-Logsdon team.

So, you see, in 2010 I made three resolutions that defied all rules: they were not specific enough, they are hard to measure and they didn’t have time limit. They all came off for me!

Go on! Dream big, get excited and make some audacious New Year’s resolutions that defy the rules. Once done, write them down and start learning and doing. Knowledge will give you the specifics and planning the action will give you the time scales.

This is the way to break away from the rut of your life and build the future you really want.

My resolutions for 2014 are straight forward:

Become an ultra-distance runner

Become the Oracle of science and innovation dynamics and creativity 🙂 and

Start blogging like a pro

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Don’t be shy. But if you are, just write them down and put them somewhere safe. Look at them tomorrow and if you still feel excited about them – go for it!

Using the opportunity to wish all readers of The Money Principle a very joyous, prosperous and happy 2014. May our hearts overflow with love and gratitude and our lives be abundant materially and spiritually.