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No, this is not Alex's freezer; he wishes it is.

No, this is not Alex’s freezer; he wishes it is.

Editor’s note: Remember I was saying that one needs an emergency fund after all? As if this were a premonition, Alex tells us that his freezer broke and what this means for his immediate life. Oh, and he pays homage to his family but this is another matter :).

Help! My freezer is on the blink! I can’t store food! I can’t fully operate as a human!

This week I’ve been thinking about the little things we depend upon in life. Of course we get used to and reliant on appliances around the house or at work. Without them there is a state of panic, whilst many would in return utter the phrase ‘First World problems’. In essence, I agree. I agree that to survive and live well enough we really only need the basics and one another. But I’m talking about a major piece of equipment here, an additional limb that’s broken and will limit my movements:  The Freezer thingy.

Now, I’m not one for numerous gadgets. In fact, I’m rather slow when it comes to the uptake on most pieces of machinery. The internet, for example, is a place where you type and click buttons to make things appear as far as I’m concerned, as I’m barely able to rattle my brain as to any deeper understandings. Flashy computer games and mobile Apps usually do very little to engage or impress me. Key kitchen appliances fitted and correctly working are however paramount to me. That and a working TV and DVD set up, not that I know how any of it works, either. TV is that box with little people in it, right?

What has happened is my freezer began buzzing, and then started to defrost itself over a day or so. I really am lost without it, and the metallic/off smells that’s produced give my kitchen a bad atmosphere. The worst side of it is obviously I cannot freeze meal leftovers or store anything else for the foreseeable future, which totally messes with dinner routines and my attempts in economical food shopping. It’s already forced me to throw away some food, and that’s not something I can afford to do. Other foods have been forced into the fridge, and now the consumption of a fair amount of food is no longer on my timetable. I’m no longer in control.

Though, as I consider options for improvising meals I really am still much better off than many people around the world. But I’m not ready to commit to rejoicing in what I already have, because I need that freezer! I almost feel like I’ve been robbed of money, or more so stupidly thrown away vital possessions. I don’t feel like I mistreated the freezer, it seemed determined to form icicles however much I tended to it. The worst part is that my landlord won’t be here for another two weeks yet, so it’s down to me to defrost and clean it thoroughly in the hope that I can get it back to its working and less smelly ways. Wish me luck on that one. I’m going to need it.

It’s a crying shame, but fixable in time. I guess we all have such things either personal or important to us. You could argue that the technology in the kitchen is really the stuff we can’t live without here in the First World. Teenage girls or ladies in general might underline hair-straighteners or other products as to being a must have, and teenage boys would put their games consoles as first on the checklist of necessity. Others around the world instead look to literally survive each day whilst living in areas of gang warfare or other major forms of impoverishment and violence. We all wish for the safety of others, and for the rest of us to get a reality check when it comes to whining and demanding for better Christmas and birthday presents. Also, the influences by the most popular celebrities are shocking (mentioning no names because they aren’t worth mentioning). I seriously wonder whether they even know they have a freezer or how the cooker works as everything will literally be handed to them on a pretentious plate.

Let’s end with a happy vibe, though. As much as I mourn my freezer’s lack of fight to survive I still have everything that will ever be important to me – my family. Being stuck in a rut to a certain degree, and at times quite frankly miserable to everyone, I regard those mad yet extremely patient people that are related to me as the true paramount of survival. Nothing would be much worth without them. Plus, they have a working freezer. I can possible store a few bits there for the time being.

Joking aside, I love ‘em all. For now though, it’s time to shop for plenty potatoes and pasta that can be easily stored for continuous use, unless of course somehow my cupboards also give up and stop working. You better wish me luck on that one too.

photo credit: becca.peterson26 via photopin cc