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When I last asked you, my dear reader, what you’d like to see on The Money Principle you told me that you’d like to see more of me.

Thing is, though, that on The Money Principle you see all of me, all of the time.

Every post that makes you think is me.

Every post that makes you work something out is me.

Every post that makes you change your mind and try something different (and even slightly mad) is me.

Every post that makes you laugh is me.

Still, I know what you mean. Every time you come on The Money Principle you are my guest. You need to get to know more about my life to become my friend.

Since tonight I’ve just come back from Berlin I’ll tell you about it

Why was I in Berlin?

I was invited to take part in a conference called Falling Walls.

It is about astounding science across the board (including social sciences and humanities) and is probably the most interesting conference I’ve ever attended (sorry FinCon, you are always in my heart as well).

There is a day of fifteen minutes presentations by absolutely awesome minds on variety of break-through science.

There was a scientific competition for young researchers (3 minute presentations) and a venture capital event where young scientists pitched to venture capitalists.

And there was the Falling Walls Circle where sixty people from around the world were invited to strategize about the future of science. I was one of the sixty (amazingly, there was another Bulgarian woman from Boston).

Splendid altogether. One of the great thing was that the conference was on November 8-9 so I was in Berlin during the celebrations of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Angela Merkel came to the Conference reception; there were many interesting people there as well.

(You know me, I keep a level head about this drinking with the most powerful woman on the planet stuff.)


When I told people I’m off to Berlin, many said:

‘I love Berlin.’

Interesting, I thought. Usually what people say about places describes the place. So, I think that Vienna is imposing, Paris is frivolous and covered in dog sh*t; London is buzzy, noisy and expensive and Brighton is like a doll-house.

You don’t usually talk about places in terms of a relationship.

I hadn’t been in Berlin half an hour and I knew.

I knew why people love it.

Berlin isn’t pretty; it is breath-taking. This comes from the spirit and the beat of the city.

Berlin is over-crowded. I didn’t mind a bit.

Berlin isn’t very clean. If I have to describe it as smells (smells are very important for me) it smelled of drains and piss. I hardly noticed.

Being there I fell in love with the city; being there for the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall I knew the emotion Jack Kennedy felt when he said:

‘Ich bin ein Berliner!’

Words are helpless the re-create the atmosphere of Berlin. Let me try some pictures.

humboldt universityThere are impressive buildings in Berlin. This is the building of the Humboldt University.
french cathedralThe French Cathedral is another example of imposing beauty.
indianGermans do have a slight obsession (through their literature) with native Americans: a street entertainer.
brandenburg gate9The Brandenburg Gate during the celebration on November, 9.
wall baloonsFor the celebration, the Berlin Walls was rebuilt with balloons; there was a name tag on each balloon – the names of the people who died trying to go over the wall.
dinnerThe conference dinner venue: DZ Bank at the Brandenburg Gate. Stunning.

This is what I’ve been up to over the weekend. My only regret is that we didn’t think and John didn’t come with me.

We’ve promissed each other that we’ll go to Berlin for the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It is in 2019 and by this time I will be a full time writer, and a wealthy one at that.

Good night, my dear reader. Sleep well.