Have you been looking for a job and had with little, or no success?

Don’t fret. I’ve selected, and shared, approximately 150 easy ways to make money – try them because the image above is a picture of the future of employment.

Why do you need to try ways to make money?

I took this picture at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. Do you remember the time when there were smiling and polite people at airports helping you to check your luggage, find the gate of your flight and re-direct if you’ve missed your connecting flight.

Well, I remember this time as well. But here is the deal: it’s gone!

Today, most airports are automated to some degree. Schiphol is a leader in that. It is like something from the science fiction novels I used to read in the 1980s.

You arrive at the airport and you either check in (using a machine) or you just collect your boarding pass (using the same machine).

Next, you go to the machines that take your luggage away.

After that, you use the scanners at passport control; there are still some people at security but it is only a matter of time before they are replaced as well.

And the machine on the picture?

Oh, well. This one you use if you’ve missed your connection and have to re-route your flight.

I can tell you about the elderly little ladies looking completely lost; about the bother when any of these machines malfunctions and the aggravation when solving your problem needs a bit of flexibility and imagination.

But this is not what I’ll be telling you about. Automation is advancing fast and we’ll need to learn ways to make money that bypass the problem of jobs.

Automation has very clear implications for labour markets and employment.

One is, that most people will have to compete for jobs that cannot be automated and these usually demand high level of imagination, creativity and flexibility. This is why, I believe that education today should snap out of the mode of raising experts and start creating mavericks – people who have flair, imagination and can generate ideas as fast and as smoothly as the blood flows through your veins.

The second one is that jobs are not only becoming different (demand different skills) but they are becoming fewer. This is why it is so important to be able to come up with ideas to contribute value, to create work and with ways to make money.

What used to be a bit of side hustle is becoming the way in which we generate income and sustain our lives.

I happen to believe that making money is no rocket science: you just have to spot opportunities, generate ideas and act on them. I’m also the first to admit that jump-starting this way of thinking is not easy.

This is why, I published the ‘Fifteen Ways’ posts: Fifteen Ways to Make Money Enough to Fill Your Fridge and Fifteen Ways to Make Money for Your Monthly Bills.

In this post, I share five awesome blog posts overflowing with ideas on the ways to make money. Between them (and my two post mentioned above) they contain approximately 150 diffrent ways to make money.

Ideas on ways to make money

  1. 20 Weird and Wonderful Ways to Make Money [Step Change, Money Aware]: Yep, these are twenty tips on how to make money that you won’t find normally. Let’s put it this way: babysitting wasn’t mentioned at all and this is certainly a winner in my book. My favourite is becoming a ‘hangover helper’. Intrigued? Go check them out!
  2. 29 Smart Ways to Make Money on the Side in 2015 [ThePennyHoarder.com]: Okay. This one does have babysitting but you can’t avoid it forever. These smart suggestions more than compensate for it by (mainly) offering ways to make money that are (or can become) ‘proper’ freelance opportunities.
  3. 20 Ways to Make Money in Your Spare Time [MoneyWise.co.uk]: Now, this is different. How would you like to be a movie extra? (I did this when I was at university and in my opinion the fun is over-rated; still the money may be worth it.) Or renting your house to movie makers?
  4. 35 Ways to Make Money for 2015 [ChristianPF.com]: Some really interesting and actionable ideas here as well. I suspect that John would love to do the fourth one (test websites for money) – the man can break any programme, any site (and will make a list of the problems and send them for free; so why not get paid?).
  5. How to Make Money [wikiHow.com]: Many claim they’ve developed a ‘comprehensive’ guide and it’s usually BS. This post is the closest one will ever get. If you want to get ideas – and a lot of them – go have a look. It’s fun as well.
  6. How to make money blogging [AuthorityHacker.com]: much has been written about making money blogging still this is not an easy thing to do. Here is a detailed analysis of how 21 bloggers making decent income on line.

You see, my fiend; a bit of thinking, a bit of research and…there are close to 200 ideas on ways to make money in these posts. Even allowing for some duplication, you still have easy access to 150 simple and actionable ideas on how to make money.

I dare you to try 20% of these money making ideas! And let me know how it went.