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I was casually browsing around The Money Principle, re-reading some of the pages I’ve looked at for some time now. As you do on a dark and rainy Sunday morning.

Something I read on the ‘About’ page jolted me:

“How can you learn so much while working and getting about your life?

This is where The Money Principle comes in. You don’t have to spend years reading hundreds of books and academic articles on finance, psychology, organisation theory, sociology and philosophy to become an ‘expert’.

Offering you what I learn and figure out is my gift to you!”

This got me thinking. I read many blogs, this is a ‘professional’ requirement for a blogger. These vary in quality, debt and usefulness. All these blogs publish very informative, educational and entertaining – and generally useful – posts from time to time.

All blogs, even the very top ones, publish epic and mediocre stuff. Readers don’t want, or have time for, mediocre.

This is another way for us at The Money Principle to be useful to our readers. Every Sunday, we’ll publish a post that links to only five epic post – or top money tips – we’ve come across the previous week.

Here is the first ‘top money tips’ selection. Enjoy!

  1. Time is money. Or is it? [Prairie Eco-Thrifter] – Time is only money if that’s how you chose to structure your income, around an hourly rate. The problem with relying on the hourly rate is that eventually, you run out of hours. (my thinking exactly and a very thought provoking post as well)
  2. Don’t Retire Early! [KrantCents] – Many people talk about retirement/financial independence as a solution to bad career choices. They hate their job and think retiring is the solution!
  3. Could you live on minimum wage? [So Over This] – Working 40 hour week, 50 weeks a year on minimum wage in the US means take home pay of $1,147 per month. This is without any 401k plan, health benefits, paid time off, etc. You earn an hourly rate per each hour you work and that’s that! Welcome to the world of minimum wage.
  4. Permission and Control [More Than Money] – As children, we’re conditioned to ask permission whenever we want to do something. You need permission from your parents to leave the dinner table or to go outside and play. You need permission from your teacher to use the bathroom. Even as adults, we feel compelled to request permission. You need permission from your boss to leave work early. You need permission from your spouse to grab drinks with your friends instead of weeding the garden. You need permission from the city to build a shed in the backyard.
  5. Comprehensive guide to credit cards[Sainsbury’s Bank Money Matters Blog] – Do you know your credit cards from your debit cards? Do you know the benefits these offer? If you have any doubt you can download and consult this guide.

Of course, there are other money posts that you can read but these are the best I think.

On a different matter, The Money Principle has been getting around as well. Our article Personal Wealth versus Mental Health made it to the top five articles on Wise Bread’s Best Money Tips.

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