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The Main Building of the University of Sofia

…and today I got mainly dark and bitter ones.

I am spending the weekend – a long one – in Sofia. Came especially for the re-union of my university class.

Last night twenty of us went to a nice restaurant where we ate a little, drank and lot and talked until the early hours of the night. This was almost all Bulgarians who studied sociology in our year; our Greek colleagues weren’t able to come.

It was great to see everyone and we hadn’t changed that much. As one of my colleagues said ‘apart from the menopause and prostate problems’ we are the same.

Today I’ve continued my trip in the past by seeing two other friends; one of them I had not seen in twenty four years.

Each encounter made me think very seriously about life and its priorities. Because, you see, sometimes we chase power, money and fame and forget that these are means. We tend to forget that what matters in our lives is health, happiness and other people.

Why were the chocolates dark and bitter?

It was lovely to see my friends; it’s only that they both have had bad stuff happen to them in that last five years or so.

Friend One had breast cancer a year ago; it is in remission and she is fine but still.

Friend Two lost his twenty two years old son five years ago. He is not in remission. Friend Two is in a full blown state of suffering, regret and self-blame that he regularly dumbs down with large amounts of alcohol. He couldn’t have done anything to stop what happened to his son and I had to remind him that he has another child.

What is the take away for me? Here it is:

  • Love often and love passionately.
  • Love the people in your life; if you don’t love someone they have no place in your life.
  • Tell the people in your life that you love them every minute of every day.
  • Show the people in your life you love them every moment of everyday.
  • Don’t miss your children’s concert/play/sports day because one day you may end up in a car with a woman you have not seen in twenty years and hear yourself say: ‘He was good on the guitar and as the useless father I am I didn’t go to his concert.’. I know I don’t want that and I am sure you don’t either.
  • Look well after yourselves.
  • Look forward to each and every day; wake up with butterflies in your belly because you simply can’t wait for the day to begin.

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This is it for now. Speak soon.