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Readers have been asking me to tell them more about how I do things around here.

Some have been asking me to say more about what we are doing about pensions but this is a big topic we’ll be tackling over the coming months.

Today, with it being Sunday and all, I’ll tell you how I do things around here.

Things I love doing I do immediately and often.

Things I don’t like doing but have to do before a deadline, I do by the deadline.

Things I don’t like doing and there is no deadline, I don’t do for years.

One of these things – don’t like and no deadline – is sorting out my closet. Not figuratively speaking (though this may need doing as well). Literally sort out my closet.

I’ve been psyching myself to do it for couple of years now. In that time, my closet got so full that all my clothes end up squashed and crinkly.

Even worse, because I can’t see anything I ended up wearing three items and letting the rest just annoy me every time I see it.

No more!

Yesterday I had a really big clear-out. All my summer clothes are neatly away and ready for the trip to New Orleans (yep, I’m going to FinCon14).

All my other clothes are neatly hanging in the wardrobe arranged by functionality (dresses together etc.) and colour (this is easy and most my clothes are black, grey or some combination of the two).

The pile for throwing away (well, putting in the clothes bank for recycling) and for the charity shop is what you see on the picture above.

And I feel so much better for it!

So, let me tell you about the top money tips articles that caught my eye.

9 ‘Old Wives’ Tales’ that are actually true – this is a great article by Shana Ecker in the Huffington Post. I always knew that the second one works.

Warren Buffet’s 23 Most Brilliant Insights about Investing – well, just great. Educational, entertaining and de-mystify investing. Go see for yourselves.

Why blogs fail (and why yours could be next) – I tell you guys, Kevin Duncan from BeABetterBlogger is my new best friend. Heck, what am I saying? James Althucher move over; Kevin is taking your place. Kevin doesn’t know yet J.

The Secrets of Personal Finance – Well, I still like James Althucher as well. And the thing is there are many points on which I agree with him; like his point about not making investments you can’t control directly and completely (which actually leaves you as investment).

Law of Tracking – Tom Corley’s ‘little’ piece about the power of tracking when changing a habit (yes, the same one who wrote Rich Habits).

Hope you enjoy the five top money tips articles I selected for you this week as much as I did.

On a different matter, in the last two weeks The Money Principle was included in the following carnivals of personal finance:

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I’d like also to say a big ‘thank you’ to all who mentioned TMP in their round up.

Finally, some puppy awesomeness:

top money tips

This is all for now, friends. Speak soon.

Oh, I need your opinion on something: do you think I should do more video?