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Most days I spend my time sitting on my bum writing, reading or talking.

Moving is a hard thing; I even have my Jawbone set to vibrate when I’ve been sitting for longer than 45 minutes.

What is the result? One more thing to ignore.

Today isn’t like that; I’ve been cooking (Stifado and I’ll give you the recipe soon), making bread, going shopping (my basket was full of sugar and alcohol) and doing karate.

There is a homemade cake in the fridge (my sister) and a starter ready to be put on plates.

We are ready; just waiting for the guests to arrive: grown up sons, my niece and her husband (my sister and my niece’s son are already here).

We are celebrating. Yesterday was John’s birthday and next Thursday Suzi the Dog will be one.

I have a lot to tell you about how we are doing. For now, the main thing is that we are healthy, well and ready to celebrate.

Now, let me tell you about the top money tips articles around the web that caught my attention during the last four weeks.

  • Outstanding Financial Pornography [Kapitalust]: You should not only read this one; you should also see it. This sentence tell all: ‘Just as models are poor representations of the human species, financial pornography is a very poor representation of useful financial knowledge.’
  • The Most Productive Thing You Could do is Ignore the Numbers [ListenMoneyMatters.com]: Yep. I know exactly how Matt feels; I went through a very similar experience and reasoning over the last couple of weeks. It took a lot to be able to ignore the numbers but it’s a good thing I did.
  • 6 Lessons in Management that Everyone Should Know [Tickld.com]: This article has it all: it is educational, it is great fun and it is very, very funny. In fact, I’m certain I’ll use it on my undergraduate students very soon. Just read the second lesson if you don’t have enough time.
  • Keep Workin’ Your Moneyplan Like Biz Markie [Enemy of Debt]: I love this one; just go read it.
  • 58 Tips for Transforming Your Blog and Dazzling Your Readers [BoostBlogTraffic.com]: Haha! You can see I’ve been thinking about making The Money Principle better for you, don’t you. Thing is that this article is very useful for anybody who is starting a business now. Remember that any business today needs internet presence? So go, read this article and learn.

Today, I also have a bonus for you. Seeing that we already mentioned Biz Markie here is a great article of James Altucher about interviewing him.

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We thanks the great bloggers who hosted these and included our posts.

This is it for now, friends.

Have a very good week!