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Do you recognise the city on the picture?

Well, this is where I am.

Couple of days at home and had to pack my bags again; Suzy the Dog was not very happy about it. She has learned that suitcases are bad news for her pack and sends me off with a sad face.

It all started very civilised: there was now queue at Manchester Airport and I had time for a lovely lunch (salad mostly) at the lounge.

Then I got on the plane, spotted my seat and my heart sank: I was to sit next to the biggest man on the flight.

It worked out okay at the end and we did fit with less discomfort than I envisaged. It made me think that probably pricing the tickets by weight is not a bad idea.

I arrived at the city of my destination (please write your guess as to where I am in the comments and I’ll reveal the closest guess tomorrow); got a taxi and…

…the taxi couldn’t get to my hotel because there was an Iron Man.

Is the Universe speaking to me, or what!

I walked and I am in my room at the hotel; miracles do happen and I’m not on a dark motorway, completely lost.

Now, let me tell you about the five top money tips posts I spotted this week.

‘The High Cost of being Poor (and how to vanquish it)’ – a very interesting and thought provoking article on LenPenzo.com.

‘We Sold the House! Here is How I’m Investing the $400,000’ – Mr Money Mustache is a smart guy; and he is not putting his money in stocks and shares.

‘Five Business Reasons to Target Baby Boomers’ – another thought provoking article by KrantCents. And the top reason is that the Baby Boomers are so many!

’14 Questions on How to Create the Perfect Job Resume’ListenMoneyMatters is a site I’ve been frequenting lately. And this is an article that exemplifies their style: no BS, no messing about; just helpful insight.

‘Why no Job is Beneath You?’ – this post on the DebtFreeGuys struck a chord with me.

Also, The Money Principle was included in the following carnivals:

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Finally, because I am in a hotel, you understand, I remembered a piece I read in the local paper.

There was this couple who went for a weekend to a hotel. After a day of sightseeing they went to bed. Just to wake up in the middle of the night a find a naked man in the bed.

What are you going to do if this happens to you?

(The couple in question started screaming so the naked guy got up and left the room.)