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Last week Nik from MidlifeFinance suggested that I do the Top Money Tips post on a regular basis.

Now, this is a great idea; at the same time, I would like to keep this one exclusive and offer you, my readers, only very few absolutely sterling articles.

So, here is the deal: every Sunday I’ll publish one article in the Top Money Tips edition. This will offer a highly selective choice and only five articles from around the internet will be included.

I’ll keep the introduction brief so that you can enjoy the articles without much ado.

Here is my selection for this week:

1)      Should you buy it? Use the 45 minute rule – this is a great article on MoneyAfterGraduation. You know how sometimes we can’t decide whether it is better to buy or hire? This solves it! The 45 minute rule goes like this: if you don’t use it for 45 minutes per day you don’t need to own it. Simple, actionable and with some interesting effect: I’ve been thinking of getting tid of our car (but John doesn’t know yet).

2)      How to motivate yourself to financial freedom – David published this one on MoneyUnder30 (a great site for all ages, btw). For some time now, I’ve been thinking that if I were only able to do things as if ‘I had to’ when I only ‘want to’ my life will be so much better all around. David has come up with a way to do this with saving for financial freedom. His solution is simple and elegant: you calculate how much you’ll need per week so you don’t have to be employed and think about all the money you put on the side as week of freedom. If this is your groove, try it!

3)      The power of doing just one thing – J Money gives us five simple ways to become millionaires. And he did say ‘simple’ not ‘easy’.

4)      Financial Independence 2.0 – I’ve had a secret blog crush on Johnny Moneyseed for some time now but this article really makes me come out with it (sorry, John, it is different). You want to know what financial independence is about? Read it! Even better; it’ll make you reflect on creating money vs. creating value and leave you believing that anyone can start a business. Something I’ve been telling you as well.

5)      What would you do if you won £1,000,000? – Mister Squirrel is the (relatively) new kid on the UK personal finance blogging scene who has written ‘the one million post’. It is a post with a difference though. Telling you about it will be like telling you ‘who’s done it’. No, I’d rather you read it for yourselves.

The Money Principle is growing steadily and I’d like to thank you for your support. If you’d like us to research something you are interested in, write about a subject that exercises your concerns or even help with decisions on your finances (strict confidentiality applies) just give us a shout.

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