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‘You know, John, I really suck at life. There is not a single thing I’m good at – I just seem to be very keen and this doesn’t cut it!’

This is what I told John last Monday. He just looked at me and continued doing what he was doing.

This is what Englishman do instead of saying ‘I won’t even dignify this with an answer.’

Now, as husbands go, John is a great one. He is understanding, supportive and loves me to a fault. Sometimes I fear that I take advantage. Still, one thing that John can’t abide is me talking like that. Naturally he thinks that I’m ‘the bee’s knees’; I told you he loves me.

I, on the other hand, have regular bouts of self-doubt. Probably natural for creatives – my self-doubt, difficult as it is to live true, is what propels me forward. It also makes it a challenge to live with me; to live through the elation of great achievement and the despondency of doubt, failure and accumulation.

What does this have to do with money, you may ask?

It does! Because we act as we feel; and we feel as we believe. When I believe that I suck at life, I feel a failure; then I start acting as someone who expects to fail. All joy of creation and elation of having fun with it seep out.

I bet you know when I believe that I suck at life. (A small hint: it is when you read this blog and it feels as if the soul has drained out of it.)

What usually knocks me out of believing that I suck at life is success; and it doesn’t matter how minor this is.

And…by Thursday I had submitted two proposals: one to teach a course in Poland and one as part of a team to set up a research centre for studying research quality in one of the Nordic countries. We shall see what happens but watch this space – both proposals are good (and my assessment has little to do with me writing all or part of them).

Feeling that I’ve done my bit for the week, I went to the park with Suzi the Dog. In the middle of a muddy field, my phone chirped. It was a collaborator of mine (from another Nordic country) to tell me that we’ve just won an obscenely large amount of money to set up a research centre there and to do some research we’ve been dreaming to do for the last five years.

Can you feel the soul getting back in The Money Principle?

This is how life works – you convince yourself that you suck at life and life comes back telling you how wrong you are. You just have to develop the wisdom to converse with our destiny.

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Now, just for fun. You know that one of my favourite books (self-help books) is ‘Choose Yourself’ by James Altucher. And this is why it really makes sense to ‘choose yourself’.

This is all for today and I hope you enjoy reading our selection of top money tips articles. Speak soon.