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Before I introduce the selection of five top money tips articles for this week, I’d take the opportunity to tell you what’s happening around here.

First, I’ve been travelling again. Monday and Tuesday I spent in London giving a lecture to a group of research fellows on a project supported by the European Union. I talked about the changes that British universities are undergoing, the ways in which this transform their governance and affect creativity and research imagination

I had great time and was grateful for the opportunity to talk to a group of great people about something I’m passionately interested in.

Second, today my son and I had karate grading. Well, what can I say: my forms feel good (and I’m told they look good as well) but my one step sparing leaves much to be desired.

And third, I’m getting ready to fly to the US (New Orleans) on Tuesday to attend FinCon14. So much looking forward to seeing all my blogging friends again and enjoy a glass of wine (or two) while catching up.

Here are the five top money tips articles I’ve selected for you this week.

  • The “Burger Flippin’” Rule [Free to Pursue]: I like the simplicity and good sense in this rule. The “Burger Flippin’” rule states that you should live in a way that would allow you to maintain your life-style even if you decide that the most fun job in the world is flipping burgers. Can work in many ways.

On a different matter, The Money Principle was included in the following personal finance carnivals this week:


Also my article ‘6 money seeds to bring you prosperity in later life’ was mentioned on LifeHacker (being spotted on Rockstarfinance.com). Well, let’s just say that John had to do some urgent work on his server because the traffic broke it. Now we are back to normal but it felt good!

This is it for today. Good night and speak soon.