top money tips

After several days full of memories and touching base with old friends I am back home.

Apart from walking five-six miles with Suzi the Dog, playing and listening to a light novel, I haven’t done much this weekend.

It seems I need a rest. How I know? When you start falling asleep every time you sit down to read something you know.

Still, last week I read some outstanding personal finance articles and I wanted to share these with you.

Here are the five top money tips articles for last week:

  • Life Lessons from the Playground: this is a very thought provoking article by Stefanie on the Prairie Eco-Thrifter. I particularly enjoyed reading the first and last lessons.
  • Would Legal Marijuana Shops Decrease Usage?: An interesting and thought provoking article on a very topical issue by Canadian Budget Binder. I believe that legalising marijuana and prostitution will be a good move: if nothing else it makes it easier to control these.
  • Five Expensive Items Every Woman Should Own: Michelle over at Fit Is the New Poor is a woman after my own heart. And I love the fifth item!
  • Investing for Beginners: Time Value of Money: If you’d like to read something that explain difficult stuff so that even your dumbest cousin will understand (oh, and you of course) you can always count on the Monevator.
  • Four Tips for Glamping on a Budget: Great tips from Miss Thrifty. And just in case you are wondering ‘glamping’ is ‘glamorous camping’. With this article she almost had me convinced and I think camping is expensive: after each of my attempts I’ve needed counselling and osteopath.

Enjoy this articles and please let me know in the comments if you’ve read something you’d like to share.

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This is all for now and I have to go and make some pizza. Speak soon.