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Okay. I was going to say Happy Easter to all my readers and friends but realised that this will sound really weird.

Yet it is true. Today is the Christian Orthodox Easter.

Thinking about it, celebrating Labour Day on a personal finance blog may appear somewhat weird as well. You know me well enough though to know that I’ve never been keen on capitalism without dignity for all and rampant greed.

Caught up between Easter and Labour Day, I decided to pay homage to both.

Happy Easter, friends, and may this year yield good returns on your investments.

Easter eggs 2016 v1

As to Labour Day, it is important to recognise the long struggle for rights, dignity and fair pay for fair work. The lines of this struggle shift forward and back; we gain a bit and lose some. There is a long way to go, and there is a long way to go where women’s rights are concerned.

fuck the system1

Now, without further delay, let me reveal the five articles on personal finance that I’ve selected as worthy of being the top money tips.

I’m off to do some cooking and speak again soon.