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Distributed is a company that uses the latest technology from the AI industry. They help businesses grow and reach new heights by using proprietary AI tech that delivers on all fronts. The company has recently announced that they’ve secured more funds to continue delivering top notch services. Fuel Ventures has pledged 1.5 million pounds to help assist Distributed, so that brings their total funding to 1.65 million pounds. That means the company will be more than able to assist any business that wants to secure growth. This investment means that they’ll be able scale their own business because there is more and more demand for their Elastic Team platform.

They were founded in 2017, and even though they’re a recent arrival in the AI scene, they’ve already received high praise. They’ve modernised and revolutionised the way certain businesses operate, and they’re doing that with their Elastic Team platform. All customers need to do is provide a short description of their targeted goal, and Distributed’s AI tech will do the rest. There is even no need of any management by the customer.

Distributed has gained 50 customers in the first year alone, and their reported revenues top 1 million pounds. Their plan is to grow 600% by the end of 2019, which is also when their platform will be available for the open public. Distributed is now working with groups such as MasterCard, Sytner Group, Heron AI, REISS, and RBS, and is already poised to change how digital business is being done in the UK.

Their stance is that the way business is currently done is not sustainable. Direct hiring or outsourcing will no longer be viable methods of doing business in the near future, so they’re offering a very practical solution. By using their own AI technology, they’re able to assist businesses by allowing their own talent to work on tasks that are meaningful, and that allows growth. That way, organisations will be able to reach their goals much more efficiently and in a more economically feasible way.

Fuel Ventures believes that software development is key to sustainable growth, and that there will be an incredible increase in how much is spent on developing software. Distributed will be at the forefront of that type of growth because more and more companies are aiming to use the platform provided by the software developer. Their own website distributed.cx is at the centre of this development, as Distributed is planning on immediate further growth.

Distributed’s goal is to achieve a level of growth that will be able to cater to an increasing number of customers. By growing their team, increasing the number of partners, and the speed and strength with which they innovate, they’ll have a chance to reach new heights. Their ultimate goal is to provide an excellent basis on which many companies worldwide will be able to further perfect their businesses while removing certain aspects that slow things down. They expect things like outsourcing and HR issues to become a thing of the past, and they also believe that the path to the future is via AI.


Katarzyna Pe