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What are the questions you ask yourself when something happens?

Does your mind keep playing what happened as a repetitive commercial?

Or you go one step further and ask yourself how this happened to you.

You may also ask yourself why this happened to you.

This is not enough.

Today is Friday and instead of entertaining you with something light or telling you what we had for dinner (fried pork filet with salad, if you really wish to know) I’ll tell you what is the most important question you don’t ask. And you should!

It is:

What did I learn?

Most people don’t think to ask this question. When was the last time you were telling a friend what happened to you and they said:

What did you learn from that?

You see, understanding if great; but success and happiness in life are about learning. Learning, not understanding is what makes you flexible and helps you adapt.

So that you do things better in the future.

This is why, once I accept it, I never regretted our debt.

There were different ways to react.

I could have just fallen to pieces. (Okay, I did but it only lasted couple of weeks.)

I could have accepted that we’ll live with debt forever.

I could have become bitter.

Instead I chose to learn.

Learned about money, finance, banking, insurance and credit. I learned about psychology, courage and habits.

More importantly, I learned that:

I should talk more to John because he is the man who completes me.

I should think differently.

I should try and turn every situation into an opportunity; never mind how hard this may be.

I learned it doesn’t matter how much money you make; what matters is how much of it you keep.

I learned that how much is your net worth matters; but how much of it is liquid (cash or equivalent) matters even more.

Sometimes, it is hard to remember to ask ourselves ‘what did we learn’.

Tonight, I’m challenging myself to remember that. For the next two months, I’ll keep a diary and write down the lessons I’ve learned from the happenings in my life.

What did you learn today?