The Money Principle

And I almost forgot about it.

This morning, my friend Jay Money sent me a message to check out

I did! When a friend tells you to check out a site that is rapidly becoming a standard for quality in the personal finance blogging community, you just do.

I saw many cool blog posts; among these my article on the unorthodox ways to spot an upcoming neighbourhood.

“Great!” – I thought – “What a wonderful birthday gift this would have been for The Money Principle if it were published tomorrow.”

Then I checked and it is a birthday gift!>

Thank you, Jay!

Three years ago I published the first article on The Money Principle. And you know what? I still keep it. This is me – a middle aged sentimental romantic. Check it out if you want.

You know how I say that the main trick in writing is learning to know the very few great texts you write, the good texts you write and the rubbish?

Well, my first ever blog post is rubbish.

It still carries the spirit of The Money Principle:

  • it is an honest post;
  • I’ve admitted to being a coward;
  • I’d stated that this blog is not average and it is not for and about the average; and
  • I mentioned Voltaire.

Still, well below average post.

We’ve come on a long way since then.

My writing has improved, I hope. John’s writing has become better and Alex, who joined us recently, is coming on nicely.

The Money Principle has grown and continues to grow.

We promised to inform, educate and entertain you and we’ve been doing our best to stand by our word.

Do you know what the biggest difference is for me?

When I started The Money Principle, I wanted it to be about me. Now I know that it is about you; it always was.

And the biggest present you can give me is to tell me what you would like to see on The Money Principle. What will make it even more useful for you and fun?

After all, we are here for the long run and we’d love to hear from our readers what they want to read.

I told you it is about you.

photo credit: nickwheeleroz via photopin cc