We have not done the MP Brain Teaser for some time now – since July to be precise. It is time to resume it; but with a twist. This time, I am not going to start profound discussions about moral qualms or life positions. What I would do is ask questions that will help us get to know each other a little bit better – you will get to know me, I will get to know each of you and you will also get to know each other. Hopefully!

Let’s play.

Today’s question is:

What are the three most financially savvy things you have ever done?

Ok, I’ll start (told you I’m an impatient one).

Of course, like most people around, I have done many financially dumb things in my life; hell, let’s be honest. If there is somewhere a ranking of financially dumb actions I probably rank pretty close to the top (all this is in the past, you realise; and soon you will hear why). But let’s kick off with the financially savvy things.

First will have to come getting myself educated about all things money related. Two years ago money was not in my universe; or I was in a universe of my own. I had no idea how much I earn, not a clue how much we spend and the price of a pint of milk was a ‘million dollar’ question. Crisis brings awakening; or demise. In my case the crisis brought awakening and I set out to educate myself about money, how does it work in economies and what does it mean to me (and my family). I am a fast learner and started this blog to share some of this awareness around.

The second savvy thing I did recently was to track my personal spending and get it under control. I never knew that I spent over £300 ($470) per month on coffee, lunch and car parking alone. Working out my ‘protected wants’ was invaluable: allowing myself to have what my desires crave was enough to kill the compulsion. Doesn’t sound much but I rate this as one of the most important changes on my way to wealth and prosperity.

Third, we are seriously demolishing our negative wealth. Any one ready to argue that reducing your negative wealth is a savvy thing to do? No, I didn’t think so.

Now over to you!