The question today is:

What are the three most financially dumb things you’ve ever done?

I’ll kick off but let me tell you that I find answering this one really hard. Not because I have never done anything financially dumb in my life but quite the reverse. My financial mishaps are so plentiful that selecting three is the problem. You realise though that this is all in the past now.

First, for a long time I did the really dumb thing of living by a song. Unfortunately the song wasn’t ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ but ‘Sophisticated Lady’. You know, the one where the lyrics go ‘Smoking, drinking, never thinking of tomorrow…’. I have always earned well but my relationship with money was like the relationship between Voltaire and God – we said hi but never talked to each other.

Second, and related to the first one, we got in debt; quite a lot of it. Becoming the crisis I needed to change my ways doesn’t deal away with the fact that this was a really, seriously dumb thing to do.

Third, I bought a Smart car. Now I can joke that I am so insecure that even my car had to say ‘smart’ on it but come on…We didn’t need a second car, this was easily the least practical car one could possibly have, it couldn’t corner for toffee, it was expensive to run and maintain and I bought it brand new. How much dumber can it get?

This is it; I did it and it feels so good. Putting your mistakes to public scrutiny is a powerful form of therapy.

It is your turn now!