Friday afternoon is the time when I like to wrap up what I have been working on during the week, leave the pressures, stresses and hustle of life to one side and relax. This is my time for questioning and planning before the weekend.

My question today is:

What are the three habits that are preventing you from achieving your goals?

It is only fair that I start first.

Having goals

Yes, I am one of these people who has a big problem when it comes to setting up some goals. The world is such a fascinating place; there is so much to learn, do and experience and life is too short. So wanting to ‘do it all’ makes it very difficult to focus on one specific thing. It makes it hard to select a small number of goals and go after them with all one has as well. Add to that that I am very impatient with low boredom threshold and you get the picture.

It is not very likely to get there if you don’t know where you want to be, is it?


I do procrastinate; I often worry about doing something for much longer than it actually takes doing it. This is followed bya  mad rush until everything is finished with about three seconds to spare before the submission deadline. This has different effects: one of these is that there is no time for repeated revisions and good text usually is a result of sequential iteration of revisions.

This one really annoys me because it is clear that if I accept that anything I write will undergo a large number of iterations the main reason for procrastinating – insecurity – would be gone. Go figure.

Emotional response

The other day, I met a friend I had not seen for some time. Defeating the current trend of everyone in the UK looking rather glum – all this onslaught of bad news gets even the most cheerful amongst us – he looked happy. He is a ‘critical accountant’ you see, and while some may argue that there is not much use for them (although they do some really interesting social science), his response to the economic gloom was one of intellectual excitement. He saw it as a puzzle that needs to be solved.

I am not usually like that and my first response to situations is emotional; it will take some practice to change this one.

It is your turn: what are the three habits that are preventing you from achieving your goals?