Skint to Mint

Several weeks back my friend Lazy Man from Lazy Man and Money asked me whether I’d like to guest post on his blog.

“What? You must be joking.” – I thought.

I had wanted to have a post on Lazy Man and Money for about a year now; just didn’t have the courage to ask.

I wasn’t to miss this opportunity.

“What shall I write about?” – I asked Lazy Man. “Any preferences.”

“Tell my readers what The Money Principle is about.” – he said.

A good one. What is this blog about?

I thought for several days.

I wrote and I re-wrote.

Then I had it.

The Money Principle is about how to get from ‘skint’ to ‘mint’ in one swift movement.

Then I realised that although I’ve written close to 800 post on debt, money management, frugal artistry, investing and pensions The Money Principle is about three main things.

#1. The Money Principle is about paying off debt fast. Yes; I don’t manipulate debt, I demolish it.

#2. The Money Principle is about being a frugal artist. If you want to know how here is the manifesto of a frugal artist. Or you can have a look at the Eat for Less posts.

#3. The Money Principle is about the ERR strategy for money management. This strategy for making your money go further is about eliminating waste, changing habits and routines and reducing consumption.

That is it.

This is what I told Lazy Man’s readers The Money Principle is about.

What he said warmed up my heart.

“The following is a guest post from Maria Nedeva, owner of The Money Principle. I met her at Fincon a couple of years ago and we just hit it off. She’s the proverbial smartest person in the room, so I knew she was going to deliver an awesome guest post. When I read it, I thought, “This is exactly how we’ve been able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last decade.”

Now, this is a warm welcome on par with the one that Miss Thrifty gave me. Remember, she said that The Money Principle is ‘a chocolate box of a blog’.

If you’d care to read my guest post on Lazy Man and Money, you can find it here.

Speak soon and I’ll do my best to have my big surprise for you ready by next Tuesday.