| Real Life Strategies for Building Wealth

Is your day job making you miserable? If the undeniable signs that your 9-5 job leaves you unfulfilled can’t be ignored any longer, then you need to think about alternative methods of bringing home the bacon. Thankfully, we’re here to help with our guide to making a quick (and independent) buck.

Go Freelance

If you love what you do but not where you do it, it makes sense to consider going solo. Taking charge of your own business isn’t for everyone – it can be hard work, managing money is sometimes difficult, and sometimes it’s uncertain about where the next pay check will come from. But consider the perks: you can be your own boss by taking the skills, experience and connections you gained from your last job and applying them in the same way that you do every day now. The kicker, of course, is getting off the ground. As a freelancer, you’ll need a solid connection or two and some business acumen to bring in those all-important clients.

If you have a good relationship with your manager, have a conversation with them to discuss the possibility of leaving the business and working for them on a freelance contract basis. While it may sound absurd that your employer would agree, there are actually notable cost-saving implications for them as well as you, given that they would only have to pay you when they need your help as opposed to a continuous salary.

Making and Selling

Despite the fact that many of us exercise our interest in the things we’re passionate about through hobbies, more often than not, this isn’t reflected in the job we do in our everyday life. It’s about time you took a stand and combined the things you’re good at with your income! If you’re a maker-of-things, starting an online store to showcase your wares can be a solid starting point: the best part is that small-scale orders won’t require too much time or effort on your end, so you can still be able to hold down a regular job on the side for financial security. Set up an online shop using a reputable provider such as 1&1 to make sure your site is secure and supported in the event of a technical hiccup.

Jobs with Flexible Hours

If you yearn for the flexibility of no set working times, there are plenty of choose-your-own-hours jobs out there, ranging from quick cash fixes such as house-sitting, dog-walking or even being a bicycle courier, to more skilled professions such as translation and film editing. Either way, the moral is that if you’re not particularly fussed about making your way up the career ladder, there are a plenty of opportunities to let you pick the hours you want to do and make the most of the free time you have left. Check out various job sites and see if you can make a few extra dollars in your neighbourhood.

Prioritize Your Happiness

Last of all… don’t let a job dictate your happiness! Sure, you can’t just walk away from the steady employment that pays your bills and rent, but if being stuck in a job rut is making you miserable, then life is too short to stay in that position. Trust your instincts and make the move when you’ve saved enough to see you through the next couple of months and go for it – or better still, take a sabbatical and travel the places you’ve always dreamed of. It will do the world of good for your confidence and chances are, if you stay positive, enthusiastic and throw yourself into networking, you will wind up in a job situation that’s way better for you. Good luck!

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