We were thinking that in light of our mission to provide a resource for people to ‘stuff hedonism’ and ‘take charge’ there is something missing. Blogs are enormously helpful and these are also enormously time consuming to follow. Hence, we decided to start this new feature to provide a summary of the posts on personal finance we found most useful (read, most thought provoking). We will run this weekly and it will be an addition to the three usual posts.

This week we will start with KrantCents and their post How Will You Measure Your Life? It asks a very interesting and pertinent question: what does success mean to you? Different areas of life against which success can be measured are suggested although no other guidance is offered. It made me think anyway!

One Cent at a Time published a post about Living Well on Less than $10,000 a Year. It is about how skilled visa workers in the US live on next to nothing to save for their families back home and for their future prosperity. This is a provocative post that is technically correct but a bit naive where the happiness and enjoyment of life that these people have while saving every cent. I am not sure it is so much fun sleeping on a mattress on the floor sharing with three other people, that’s all.

Positive Money is rapidly becoming one of my favourite websites. They have it all – knowledge, heart, drive and a mission. This week they published a post with a fetching title – I’m a banker who really cares. ‘Great!’ – I thought – ‘A fusion between finance and science fiction.’ It is all serious, though. Sustainable banking complying with ethical principles is not a white unicorn and Triodos UK are already on the case. Looking for a place to move your money? This may be an option.

Bucksome Boomer is another wonderful find of mine. You like personal finance that is beautiful, thought provoking, original and plain speaking – get on there. My favourite this week is Get Stinkin’ Rich!. Apart from my spell checker not recognising ‘stinkin’’ and the fact that I don’t see much point in being ‘rich’ (all for becoming ‘wealthy’ though) this post really made me think. And this thorny issue of the role of education in all that ‘getting rich’ lark – may I remind you that there are many well educated people who get rich/wealthy as well. No need to be educationalist here.

Now confession time: I do read Control Your Cash regularly. Call me a sucker for punishment if you will (they have never lavished any of this on me, mind; yet) but I do. These guys can write and their sarcasm is usually well targeted. Sometimes they can’t resist a cheap jab at an easy (and worn out) target but this is only human. This week they had two post answering readers’ questions – advice is sound but I bet the readers regret ever asking. Who likes being called an ‘imbecile’? Or do they?

Wealth Informatics asked ‘Am I failing as an entrepreneur?’. A very thought provoking post that makes one examine their fear of uncertainty and the future. It reminded me that it is unimportant whether we feel fear or not but what we do with it.

This seems enough for this week – plenty to read and plenty to think. Let’s hope that next week there will deliver more principled money posts from around the blogosphere.