A synagogue in Krakow

A synagogue in Krakow

Today is Monday but I bet you have already noticed that; except that I am sitting here in my dressing gown, writing a ‘Principled Money Posts’ edition rather than being out and about, seeing student and writing stuff no one really reads even if they cite it. No, I have not made the jump yet, and I am still in my ‘day job’. It is just that I arrived home very late last night and there was no way that I could manage to write an article for TMP; not one that anyone would like to read at any rate.

This time I went to Krakow (Cracow) in Poland where I was invited to talk about peer review in science systems to a group of people from research funding organisations. Usually when travelling I try to fit in more than work: life is for living after all. This time my hosts took us for a walk in the Jewish part of town.

Today, this is a buzzing ‘going out’ place where the average age of people on the street is about 24 (Krakow has 200,000 university students); it is mingle of short skirts, killer high heels, designer jeans, laughter and drinks.

Walking around the place I felt the sadness of history. It is not ‘lovely’ but has character; it is large but given that Auschwitz is about 60 kilometres away  and that the reason Krakow was not destroyed during WWII is that it was the German army headquarters I kept wondering how many Jewish people were left living there; for that matter, how many Jewish people live there now.

We saw the synagogues and these are many. But just like when travelling through Bosnia, these made me think: ‘Too many churches but where is God!’

Krakow is still well worth visiting though!

Did I mention that two weeks ago I started the ‘slow burn’ eating plan  also known as the ‘lowcarb diet’; the difference being that ‘slow burn’ is not about aesthetics but running. Yes, I did. It feels good, some of the fat around my middle is going, I have more (and constant) energy and it is easy to keep to is when travelling. In fact, yesterday I did refuse a chocolate cake which is certainly a first.

Now let me tell you about the stimulating articles around the blogosphere I’ve enjoyed reading during the last couple of weeks.

Lately, I have been emphasising the importance of using’ the right tools for the job’ for money management. Hence, I could not have missed Jai’s article on budget spreadsheets if I tried to: I am sensitive to the topic and the article makes some really great points. The comments are also worth seeing :).

When I first saw an article on UberSteward asking whether money is important to God I had the answer without going beyond the title: no it isn’t. The reasoning is simple: if you are omnipotent you don’t need exchange and certainly don’t need universal means of exchange (which is what money is). Have to say that I don’t agree with the argument even after I read the article but it did make me think; which is not something one can say about many PF posts.

Along similar vein, a post by Pauline over at Reach Financial Independence also excited my curiosity. Her post about the fantasy of money being irrelevant raises some important questions: could one be so wealthy that money doesn’t really matter? Well possibly, but for most this will never happen. So I fully agree with Pauline that instead of shielding our children from finance – or even teach them the wrong things about it – we have to get serious about PF education. And make it fun!

Gosh, it seems that I am a relationship killer. Or this is what the research cited in  an article by The First Million is the Hardest can be interpreted to mean. I am so glad that this is research is by economists who have been known the mess up because they tend to count things without much consideration for meaning. This sends the wrong message (if you are a successful woman you will die alone and get eaten by your cat/dog) and guess what? We have a self fulfilling prophecy.  Guys, whether a relationship is a happy one or not depends mainly on whether the team is good or not! As to successful women…well, we can carry our lot. After all, everyone has their Golgotha.

Mochimac  over at SaveSpendSplurge got onto the debate about women and earning as well. Of course, being a woman, she has a somewhat different angle and gets to a different conclusion: damn right we can have career and family. My experience, and observations, show that we have to re-negotiate the ‘couple’s contract’ though. I have a career (couple, actually), I have family and I feel cherished every hour of each day!

Finally, please have a look at this article: it is intelligent and beautifully written. We need more of both of these in the personal finance niche.

Now, how has TMP been doing?

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Also, if you have missed my post about retirement on Reach Financial Independence go over and read it now: it got a very warm welcome and is certainly one of my better articles. Well, talking good guest articles and retirement, you may as well also see my article published on Budgets are Sexy last December.

Finally, don’t miss this juicy give away; it is an iPad mini after all.

This is all for now, my friends; speak soon.