Cape town

There was a time when the sequence of events during the first part of the year was clear: tax returns (January), top up ISAs (March), switch off central heating (April). Ok, sometimes we have had the heating on for some of the time in May. But I don’t remember having snow in the second half of May, or sitting in my study wearing two jumpers and cut finger-tips gloves (otherwise can’t write, you see).

Guess what? At this very moment I look like the Michelin man from layers of jumpers and am very tempted to put my fan-heater on. And if you think that this is an ’empty’ rant, simply to make me feel better about the whole thing, you should see our heating bill – it is as much as in the debt of winter.

So, my friends, particularly you who have had the chance or foresight to live where it is sunny and warm please send us some Summer! We do need it!

When the body is cold, the heart and intellect should be kept warm, is what I think. Let me move without delay to the posts that I have enjoyed during the last couple of weeks.

You all know that I have been thinking a lot lately about jobs: getting a job, keeping a job, bypassing the need for a job etc. In fact, I hope that my readers have been enjoying the articles by Alex, who is currently unemployed and working hard to get out of this situation. Given that, I couldn’t have failed to notice an article on Money Crashers about what to do if you don’t have a job after college. Good points but…these stay with the ‘what’. It makes sense to stay positive and to spend time networking. At the same time these are probably the two hardest things to do; so telling people ‘how’ to do these would have been really helpful.

Call me spoilt but…I most certainly cannot spend longer that three days (enough for the novelty to wear off) in this apartment. Looks lovely and an example in minimalist space but I’d rather stay in Manchester, UK where we can have a house where I actually fit in than live in New York (or London, for that matter) and having to lose half my body weight to be able to take a shower.

The Financial Samurai has a list of the best jobs ever. Some really cool jobs there like sports model and travel personality. What caught my eye however was that ‘medical doctor’ is on the list. Justification? Despite the long education, long hours etc. it is very satisfying to be able to make people better. Which brought a smile to my face; when my son was four he used to say: ‘My mummy is a doctor but the one who can’t make people better.’

Charissa at Generation X Finance tells us that being broke sucks but it also makes us creative. I agree.

Ermine, over at Simple Living in Suffolk, offers a glance at what people spend the money they borrow from Zopa. Most people seem to borrow to buy cars (a necessary liability), consolidation loans and holidays. Consolidation loans may be worth it under certain conditions but…it seems to me that people should save for holidays rather than borrow.

Although I have not written an article on coffee or lattes (seem customary for PF blogs) here at TMP we love our coffee; we love it fresh and strong. Further, as I joke sometimes, two popular and quality things come out of Colombia and one of these is coffee. So, when I saw an article on ways to save on coffee at home on Frugal Rules I read it faster that you could say one, two. Some of the advice won’t work though. For example, we have a grinder – it saves nothing and in fact was the single factor leading to our previous espresso machine breaking (ah, forgot to mention, filter coffee doesn’t count in our house). Best this we ever did? Bought a bean to cup espresso machine.

Last but not least, you may wish to work out your new tax code for 2013-1014 (UK residents). To do so, please follow this link and the instructions in the article.

How has TMP been doing?

Splendidly. During the last two week we have been included in the following personal finance carnivals:

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We are also very honoured to have been mentioned by others; thanks!

On different news, if you missed my guest article on Len Penzo dot Com now is your chance to catch up on your reading; and see whether you agree with the four habits, I believe, keep us in debt.

This is all for today; speak soon.