Most certainly Apple! But let me tell you a bit more about this one. Our household is divided; some people draw the division lines along basic values, established norms or even simply taste and cultural preference. In our house the division is technological – for years now there has been this battle (verbal ping-pong mainly) between the members of the family who worship in the temple of Apple (me) and the ones who are customers of Samsung (John and all three sons). Today, I won on two counts.

First, on the way to karate grading ‘dad-nav’ (John usually has really good sense of orientation) failed and we were kind of lost. In a side road John was trying to get his Samsung Galaxy to hook with the satellite and failing; after about five minutes of that, John said:

‘Could you please get it on your phone?’

Now, my phone is iPhone 4 and…yep, you guessed it; I had directions in no time and we were not late for the grading. Apple 1 : Samsung 0!

Then I asked John to take some pictures of me during the grading (yep, what you have already seen is a picture of me during today’s grading – unflattering but realistic) and it took him ages to download it from his Samsung; it takes me three seconds to download from my iPhone. Apple 2 : Samsung 0!

Who said that ‘if you can’t beat then you join them’? BS – if you can’t beat them you wait and think about how to win :); I am not getting a Samsung and I am an Apple devotee. There – this feels good.

Now about the grading. I started doing karate about two months ago – it is really good exercise, it offsets long distance running nicely by developing strength and flexibility, and is something to do with my very soon to be twelve year old son. Surprisingly, I find karate also very good fun – as I told someone it was like developed for me. You move, punch and kick without hurting people, and shout loudly. So, watch this space – today I was watching the green and red belts and at advanced levels it looks so good; it becomes all about energy flows. Fascinating! Oh, and I’ll post a picture of the yellow belt – a picture of me will appear on this blog again when I look more decent.

Now about stuff that attracted my attention during last week.

I would like to get out of the way something that if left without a mention may leave bad taste. I am not exactly certain why there appear to be quite a few feuds in the PF blogosphere and have always tried to stay away – after all, blogging is my ‘fun on the side’ and embroiling myself in squabbles would be defeating the purpose (oh, I don’t enjoy fighting but can do it if and when necessary). This week, though, something rather more serious than minor squabbling happened: Nelson form the Financial Uproar ‘outed’ a fellow blogger for plagiarism. Now, this is a very serious offence because it is not simply theft but it goes against the core value of blogging – interesting, original material. What concerns me slightly is the issue of redemption and forgiveness. Let’s face it, even the Catholic church had to invent ‘indulgences’ – partly because these became a good source of revenue but…well, you get the drift. People have to be allowed to err and to correct! But remember: two German ministers have resigned because plagiarism was found in their PhD theses.

A blog I read but haven’t mentioned for some time is Control Your Cash. Most of my long-term readers know that I have a lot of time for Gregg and Betty and think that their book is one of the most useful ones on the PF market: they have erudition, they can write and they have this knack for controversy (sometimes a bit over board). Last week they published an article about the latest change of policy at Yahoo! (you know what, you are right about the exclamation mark: how annoying). Ha, ha! You want to know what I am talking about go read the article.

I have always felt a great affinity with Len Penzo despite, or probably because, being very different (well, apart from his blog being ‘up-there’ and mine… kind of thing but we are not going to even go there :)). Last week, he published an article discussing the possibility of economic collapse and what it may look like. If you would like to know why the economic collapse is highly likely to be global (so Len is not talking about the US only) read this one of mine as well (yeah, this became mainstream news but TMP got there first – I have the original article, you see and had it when it was under review).

Making my list two weeks in a row doesn’t happen often – I am very selective and highly critical. But Krantcents has done it! This week he made me think (and leave a monster comment on his blog) about whether age matters and why it shouldn’t really. I think it matter: the older I get, the better I get. Like good quality wine :)! I’ve said before and I’ll say it again – I am getting old like Judi Dench, with grace and beauty.

Now back to some old favourites.

Leo Babauta recently set out four habits that form other habits. This week he has narrowed it to one habit that is the ‘mother and father’ of all habits – meditation. A good reminder!

I have not told you yet but lately my productivity has been going down, I have been feeling a bit tired and frustrated. I thought that I am going through ‘the trauma of adjustment’; after all I had twelve month of doing exactly what I love doing most (writing), no teaching, no marking, no admin. It is kind of hard to go back (though I love teaching as well, tiring as it is). Then I read an article on Write to Done this week which changed my mind – my productivity has been decreasing because I have lost the rhythm of my day. Have you heard about the 33 minute rule? Well, it is working so I suggest you click on the link and read the article.

Lately, in light of expected Google changes, bloggers have been discussing that blogs should become longer and ‘meatier’. It is interesting, however, that longer doesn’t necessarily mean ‘meaty’ and ‘meaty’ can often be very short. Problem is that one of these – length – can be measured using an algorithm and the other (‘meaty’) being a measure of quality and value can’t. Want an example of a very short post that is as profound as they come? Go read Seth Godin’s article entitles All boats leak. It is not about boats, btw and it is only six sentences; short ones at that.

Finally, last week The Money Principle was included in six carnivals:

Carnival of MoneyPros at Family Money Values
Finance Carn. for Young Adults at Money Life and More
Y and T’s Weekend Ramblings at Young and
Yakezie Carnival at

Thanks to all who included us; thanks to all our readers and speak soon.