I spent some of last week in Rome: my third favourite city in the world after New York and Vienna! There is none of the gaudy frivolity of Paris or the imperial imposition of Vienna about Rome. It is like a gracefully aging beautiful woman – you can still see the striking attractiveness, the wonderful combination of features matured with life and experience. Rome is not so much about beauty as it is about style. When I age I would like to be like Rome – not ravaged by time but acquiring a patina of dignity and grace.

What do I love about Rome? I love the sites, I love the feeling of history and continuity, I love the pizza and I love the ice-cream. I love to look at the stylish, intensely good looking people sitting in coffee bars. I love it all.

Last week though, my delight about visiting Rome was bitter sweet; it was like seeing someone you love in stained clothes and wearing the mildly troubled expression that comes with deep despair. Looking at the people sleeping rough in the shades ancient ruins and seeing the relaxed, mildly arrogant outlook of the South of Europe gone is still tugging at my heart. Yes, the South of Europe is beautiful, proud and so very close to financial ruin!

Now let me tell you what around the blogosphere caught my attention this week and which money posts I enjoyed.

Did I tell you that Roshawn at Watson Inc never disappoints? I was right: last week he published Stolen life where he makes four great points: 1) Generation X is in too much debt; 2) Generation X is out of work; 3) Generation X fears the future unable to start their lives; and 4) marketing ‘experts’ get off Generation X’s back. Good points, forcefully but elegantly made!

Dr Dean over at The Millionaire Nurse shares his three main reasons for not refinancing his mortgage. I am in complete agreement with the latter two – there comes a time when people need to move and I am believe in limiting the number of things I have to make choices about and increasing the number of choices about fewer things. Now, if you want to know more about it go read the article.

I don’t only admire what Len Penzo is doing on his blog; I am also fascinated by his 100 Words series. This week he succinctly tells us why we will never get rich working for others . It made me think about safety vs. security – safety is in the moment, it is succumbing to our fears and it keeps us ‘ordinary’. Security and something else; it is audacious, needs courage and gets us to achieve our dreams. Most of the time we wish to be safe! Len, thanks for writing these 100 words – now I really want to be secure.

Emma-Lou at Totally Money, provides an interesting insight in a very important change in the UK – people in their late 30s still living with their parents. Apparently at present in the UK this is one in three – which actually means that one third of young people can’t start their lives. I know – I have two of those and am prepared to go to considerable trouble to get them out of the house. It is not for my sake and if we are entirely fiscally rational families living together makes sense – if grown up children are un-employed they need support and they can be useful around the house; if they work they can pay rent and it is a win-win. Only problem is that different generations need different things; and the main thing – they need to become separate.

Last but not least, there is some wonderful news: A Blinkin proposed to his girlfriend (which I fully expected; he’s been dropping hints for couple of months now) and was accepted (which is not a surprise either; he sounds like a lovely man). A Blinkin is not only clever and erudite; he is also a very brave and tender man. Want to know why? See for yourself and read this – brought a tear to my eye and I don’t do emotion very well.

This is it for now, my friends. Till next time.