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Do you know what the danger is with money?

No, it is not that you don’t have enough; it is that the money you have doesn’t nourish your life.

Before I had my crisis (loads of debt) and epiphany (I figured out how to pay it off) four years ago, my money ran through my life like water on very dry soil – without nourishing it.

Whether or not your money nourishes your life is a matter of financial planning and sound money management.

The personal finance articles below offer a wealth of information on matters of financial planning and money management like budgeting, career and income, investing, real estate and retirement. Yours for the picking!

On my side, I have picked six articles I found interesting and unusual as editor’s pick; it was a hard choice.

Editor’s pick:

Matt @ Budget Snob writes The High Cost of Using Cash – It has been calculated that the aggregate expense to all households in the United States for accessing and using their cash is $31 billion a year.

Adam @ Money Rebound writes The World’s Best Rags to Riches Stories – Get your daily ounce of motivation from these people who had little way back but have almost everything in the world now.

John @ Frugal Rules writes What is the Key to Success When Paying Off Debt? – Many in our society struggle with paying off debt. There are various methods given to pay off debt, but they’ll all fail if you’re attitude isn’t in the right place desiring to kill the debt.

Andrew Pohl @ Finance with Reason writes Is Investing Like Gambling? How to tell the difference – Saying that Investing is like gambling may seem sacrilegious, but the two forms of risking money for more money have more in common than you might think!

Jester @ The Ultimate Juggle writes Easiest Way to Make a Profit in Real Estate – Investing in real estate can be a great way to set yourself up for the future. If you invest in the right property at the right price, you can create a positive cash flow from the beginning.

Debt Guru @ Debt Free Blog writes Fallen Behind: Catching Up On Retirement Savings – Proper financial planning takes serious dedication. If you have fallen behind, here are three helpful tips for catching up on your retirement savings.


SavingMentor @ How To Save Money writes 6 Tips For Keeping Better Tabs On Your Money – Keeping track of your money can be a chore that you don’t often want to think about. I know I dread the endless letters in my mailbox, the stack of unfiled papers on my desk, the bills that need paying, the bank accounts that should be checked, and the budgeting and investment spreadsheets I should be updating.

Harry Campbell @ Your PF Pro writes A Tribute to the Greatest Chipotle Article of All Time – When I first started this site almost two years ago it was with the intention to discuss topics like saving for retirement and investment strategies. But I quickly realized that those articles were pretty boring to read and to write. That’s why you see articles today ranging from travel hacking to saving money at Chipotle. The latter has actually become one of the most popular articles on my site and today it has over 5,000 total views.

The Warrior @ Net Worth Warrior writes Ultimate Guide to (Finally) Building an Emergency Fund – An emergency fund can help keep you on a path to financial freedom by reducing stress, eliminating the worry of affording an emergency and providing security that you can maintain progress. Through this guide, you will (finally) establish a painless emergency fund.

Daisy @ When Life Gives You Lemons, Add Vodka writes What Could HR Teach You About Money Management? – A good HR department in a company is worth every penny in salary because they make the overall work environment more comfortable, more efficient, and create a higher work quality. Good HR is so good, that there are a few lessons for your budget.

Marissa @ Thirty Six Months writes Hello, ING Direct, errr Tangerine – ING Direct was acquired by ScotiaBank last year. As a result of the acquisition, ING Direct was required to change their name as they are not owned by the ING Group anymore.

Bob @ Dwindling Debt writes Age Old Debate of Whether to Buy or Lease – To buy, or to lease, that is the question. People have long debated on both sides whether they should buy or lease a car.

Jay @ Daily Fuel Economy Tip writes Picking the Right Auto Policy – Having the right kind of auto insurance is akin to having the right kind of health insurance, in most cases they can be equally as important.

Monica @ Monica On Money writes 8 Warning SIgns That You’re Living Beyond Your Means – Read these tell-tale signs and stop living paycheck to paycheck!

Barbara Friedberg @ Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance writes Roadblocks to Saving: Not Planning Ahead – Learn simple tips to save for a house, car, retirement, or wedding. Savings tips reduce money stress and are easy to implement.

Natalie @ Debt and the Girl writes Are We Enabling Bad Behavior? – I was catching up on some blog reading lately. I came across a blog where the blog owner was talking about purchasing something that I considered to be a little ostentatious.

Alexa @ Defeat Our Debt writes How to Pay Off Debt & Increase Your Income the Fun Way – In order to speed up your debt repayment you will have to locate extra funds to throw toward it. You can either continue down the path you’re on or earn extra money.

Jason @ The Money Makers writes Apple Launches iPad Air in November – With a lighter and thinner chasis, the newly announced iPad Air has a more powerful processor with a great new design and performance features that is sure to continue Apple’s trend setting reputation.

Ben @ The Wealth Gospel writes The Twitter IPO: A Big Disappointment for the Little Guy – Twitter’s IPO was a big hit! That is, if you are an investment bank. For the rest of us, it may have been better to wait until it flops.

Kali @ Common Sense Millennial writes Twenty Things Twenty-Somethings Should Know About Money – It takes work and time to figure out something as complicated as money and personal finance – and sometimes, it is overwhelming trying to understand it by yourself. I wanted to help by composing a list of the twenty things most important for twenty-somethings to know.

Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes Are Gen X and Y Lost in the Financial Shuffle? – The baby boomers’ children, mostly born in the 1970′s and ’80′s, were born at a time of decreasing prosperity riddled with recessions every 5 or so years. These are the Gen X and Gen Y members of society that were hit hard by recent recessions.



Cat Alford @ Budget Blonde writes Tips for Starting An eCommerce Store – If you are interested in starting an ecommerce store, this post contains several tips and tricks for cutting costs and making sure you turn a profit.

Miss T. @ Prairie Eco Thrifter writes How Mastering Public Speaking Can Help You Develop Other Skills – I started Toastmasters a few months ago to deal with this fear, and ever since my first meeting, I have been noticing all of the ways that mastering public speaking can help you. It’s not just the ability to publicly give a speech without freaking out (I think everybody, regardless of how rehearsed they are, gets nervous before a speech). You can also benefit from public speaking in many other ways.

Jessica Moorhouse @ Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses writes 5 Must-Dos to Interview Like a Pro – Over the past month I’ve had time to reflect on my experiences in the workforce for the past 5 years and I’ve discovered a bunch of new (or new to me) dos and don’ts when it comes to interviewing like a pro.

Dollar @ Easy Extra Dollar writes Avoiding Scam Online Job – While looking for a job online can make the technique much simpler and faster, there is a hidden danger involved in going about finding a job in this manner. Each day, limitless job seekers are sucked in to risky online job scams.



Corey @ 20s Finances writes Optimizing Credit Cards – Are you missing out on this strategy with credit cards? Try to optimize your use of credit cards to earn more money with little hassle.

Lindy @ Minting Nickels writes Know How To Spend And Manage A Credit Card Account Responsibly – Millions of Americans use credit cards; many people use their cards every day.

Don @ MoneySmartGuides writes Ten Tips for Choosing the Best Home Loan – Buying a house is stressful enough before even taking into account the loan. here are 10 tips for choosing the best home loan.

Amy @ Money Mishaps writes How to Liberate Yourself from Student Loan Debt – The student loan crisis in America is absolutely massive and does not look like it is going to get better anytime soon.

Christopher @ This That and The MBA writes Manage Debt Before It Manages You – The old saying goes that debt has its way of creeping up on us without us really even knowing it and this post will be about how to manage debt. Now a days we are so quick to pull out our credit card or debit card to make a purchase.



Ted Jenkin @ Your Smart Money Moves writes Why Can’t We Do It All? – This question is often bandied about in regard to the endless quandary of many women who struggle daily…

Dominique Brown @ YourFinancesSimplified writes What is a Stock Market Index? – A stock market index is a relatively simple concept, and it allows you to see the big picture.

Suba @ Broke Professionals writes Should You Learn to Fix Your Own Car? – Read my view on whether you should learn to fix your own car, and if it makes sense for you.

Crystal @ Married (with Debt) writes Thanks to These Blog Carnivals – October 2013 to Current – Hi again! Every week, we submit our favorite posts to a variety of blog carnivals. When we are selected, it is common courtesy (and an expectation) that we link back to those that included us.

SBB @ Simple Budget Blog writes Cruisin: How to Budget Your Vacation on the Seas – Going on a vacation on the seas? Here’s some tips on how to budget some of the extra items available on a cruise – so you and your family can have more fun.

Mr. Frenzy @ Frenzied Finances writes Single Cent Problems: The Truth About The Penny – Looking at the history of the penny is a fun way to find meaning and the sense of miracle in something as small as one single cent.

Eva Baker @ TeensGotCents writes Goodwill Training – Shopping with Sarah AND Eva – Sarah takes Eva on a night filled with fun, food, and Goodwill shopping tips. Who knew that shopping at Goodwill could be a competitive sport?

Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff writes Marketing that Works! These Comercials Are Hilarious!!! – Mr. BFS and I have cable and we love our DVR. That means that I generally do not watch commercials.

Wayne @ Young Family Finance writes Small Things That Make a Big Difference in Your eCommerce Business – When you’re running an eCommerce store, one of your most important assets is your customers’ loyalty. It’s not something you can buy, but it is something you can cultivate. Surprisingly, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. Here’s what you can start doing now to make the best impression on your customers.

Mrs. Accountability @ Out of Debt Again writes Who Should Pay For The Date? – To tell you the truth, I have not dated much in my life. But here are some thoughts on the topic!

Anton Ivanov @ Dreams Cash True writes The 7 Steps to Financial Freedom – Reaching financial freedom is one of the most sought-after goals. Get started on your wealth-building journey with my 7 steps to financial freedom.

Super Saver @ My Wealth Builder writes Bullish or Bearish? – I continue to plan for the worst . . . and hope for the best.

Robert @ Entrepreneurship Life writes Exercise and Entrepreneurship: Why Excess Weight Will Cost You – Your waistline affects more than your health. Research suggests that the detriments of obesity can extend beyond health and self-esteem right into the workplace. There’s a “consistent wage penalty” for excess body fat and a “wage premium” for muscular body composition



Adam @ The Cheapest Cars To Insure writes What Does Third Party Insurance Cover? – Know the important facts about your third party insurance inside and out before it’s too late.



Lauren @ L Bee and the Money Tree writes How I Plan to Recoup Renovation Costs – Oh my glob. Any time someone asks me how my renovation is going I just shrug and say, “It has pretty much broken my spirit and soul as a person.” “But you love your house!” A co-worker replied. “Nope.” I said and finished eating my soup.

Arnel Ariate @ Money Soldiers writes How are Mortgage Rates Determined? – How mortgage interest rates are set is determined by a number of factors some of which you may have an influence on and many that you won’t.

Lily @ Paying Debt Down writes 5 Home Improvement Tips to Help you Sell your Home Quicker – Selling a home these days is all about image. The problem that most people have is that they put a lot of effort into making the interior of their home look absolutely wonderful but fail to do the same for the exterior of their home.

Lenny @ Best Money Saving Blog writes What Is the Importance of Seeking a Mortgage Broker? – Many first-time homebuyers make a mistake by trying to negotiate a mortgage directly with a lender. Unless you are an expert in home loans, it makes much more sense to hire a mortgage broker to do the negotiating for you.

Adam @ Money Bulldog writes Should I Get a Mortgage? – How mortgages can be a problem that you can benefit from in the long run.

Brian @ Luke1428 @ Luke1428 writes 5 Common Rental Real Estate Mistakes You Will Make – Even after researching the rental real estate market for over a year before our first purchase, my wife and I stil made a few mistakes along the way. Here are five big ones that many landlords make but are easily avoidable.



Ryan @ Cash Money Life writes Should You Invest Your IRA in a Savings Account or CD? For Most People the Answer is No. – Should you trust your retirement savings to the volatile stock markets, or should you keep your IRA in a savings account? The answer may surprise you!

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