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money for memories

It is almost the end of our holiday on Skiathos: we have only two days left before we get on a flight back home

This year I’m saying this without the regret of missed opportunities. We set out to experience the island and we did so.

Let me show you.

(Yes, this post is unusual because there are more pictures than words.)

Explore at least eight beaches

We are not going to make it to eight. To date, we’ve enjoyed five beaches (we had to visit two of them twice). We’ve been to:

Troulos Beach: decent enough but nothing to rave about.

Koukounaries Beach: easily the most commercial beach on Skiathos. If you fancy water sports, music and the buzz of tourism and commercial fun this is the place for you (I didn’t enjoy it much.)

money for memories

Mandraki Elias Beach: this is the opposite to Koukounaries. You could have jumped straight into the 1960s before summer resorts were over-developed. This beach was nature and a rickety shack where you could buy water. Beautiful!

Lalaria Beach: this is on the ‘other’ side of the island and can be accessed only by boat. It is lovely and there isn’t even a shack to buy water. Only thing was, it is a pebble beach and getting in and out of the crystal clear water was painful.

money for memories

And yes; I did take this picture.

Agia Paraskevi Beach: really nothing to get excited about.

Tonight we’ll go to Agia Eleni Beach which is also know as the ‘sunset beach’. John, always the romantic, wants to see a sunset.

Go on jet skis

I didn’t but John and our son did. See the picture under Koukounaries Beach.

Do some Greek dancing


Twice we danced Greek dances. Even worse, John and I had a go and doing some belly dancing (I’m quite good at it and John is really enthusiastic). A friend here took some pictures and I wonder whether they’ll surface somewhere.

Visit the local dog shelter

We did go to the local dog shelter and took Sushi and Fergus for a walk. As you can see they are beautiful and I wanted to take them home.

The people running Skiathos Dog Shelter really do a sterling job of looking after and re-homing stray dogs. You can donate towards the upkeep of the dogs here.

money for memoriesA sweet, little puppy at the Dog Shelter.

money for memoriesFor a walk with Sushi and Fergus. Sushi is nice but Fergus was an incredible dog. When he didn’t want to go back in the shelter I started crying.

Fun with family

We’ve done many things together and had the opportunity to talk and play. Pity I’m not keener on water related activities – I could have gone diving with John and son.

Still, beating them in different games should be enough!

And here is a final photo of John and me looking like we are on holiday.

money for memories