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Do good news about money and life come in three as well?

The way I see it, they should do. Then again, if this is so I’m still waiting for the third piece of news.

But let me back track a bit and tell you what this is about. (And if you are on The Money Principle for learning and not for entertainment, you may look away now; or check some of my other recent articles.)

My long term readers and friends may remember that for years now I’ve been exercised by two money and life issues.

One, is the situation of my middle son. You may remember that he was unemployed for close to three years after going to university.

And yes, he did a degree that can’t lend him a high paying job easily not being in accounting, finance, medicine or the law. My middle so did a degree in creative writing but he didn’t go blindly into this.

Many will start piping about how useless this kind of degrees are. I’d say that it all depends on what you expect from a degree; but if you use it to learn and become better at something it is not a waste.

Before my middle son went to university we discussed it and were clear that this is his opportunity to write under excellent mentorship for three years. To the best of my knowledge he did the best he can of this opportunity.

He is a good writer and has the making of a really outstanding one. Some may remember that he wrote for The Money Principle for several months. But unemployment isn’t kind to anyone; if you are even slightly insecure by nature, it can devastate you.

My middle son didn’t cope with unemployment well; it seems to me that part of the problem was that it didn’t fit with his plan. What he wanted was a job that doesn’t stretch him intellectually so he could earn a living and have energy and time to write. What his life turned out to be was unemployment, depression and the weight of uselessness so great that all confidence was squashed out of him.

Then, about a year ago, he got a job in a shop (he wanted to be in retail). Unfortunately, he had one of these soul destroying contracts; not a ‘zero hours’ one but still his employment contract guaranteed him only 8 hour work per week. Sometimes he go more, much more; but there was never guarantee. And 8 hours work per week at minimum wage is not too good.

To make matters worse, last autumn the shop where he was working closed. My son was moved to another shop that was three hours round trip away. You see how money and life intercest: for very little money my son had no life at all.

He stuck with it and I still don’t know why. It may be because he swore that he’d never go to the Job Centre again.

Monday a week ago, my middle son was interviewed for a job at the Coop (the food shop). Last Saturday, I got a text that he got the job.

I think that this is great news. He’d start from a low level again but the Coop is still a decent employer. If he wants a career in retail and he has what it takes to have it, now he has the opportunity.

So this is the first piece of good news.

You may also recall that we have an apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria. Have had it for close to 20 years now.

We haven’t lived there longer than two weeks at a stretch but it was very useful when we had close family in Bulgaria. My niece lived in it when she went to university, my sister lived in it when she was in Sofia and my parents will go over to visit with my sister and my niece when they were still alive.

For several years now this apartment has been a concern. My sister and my niece don’t live in it any longer and it has been empty.

Remember what I was telling you about how important the structure of your net worth is? Good. You understand than why we decided to sell the apartment in Sofia.

The good news is that we have a buyer; and we have a buyer looking for a direct sale (which will save a lot in broker’s fees).

Also, we’ll be getting more or less what we expected to get.

This apartment was a very good investment from all points of view. We bought it 20 years ago and we are selling it for three times what we paid for it. It provided us with a base when we needed one and generally served the family well. Now, it’s time to sell.

You see, last week I’ve had two pieces of very good news about money and life.

What is the third going to be, I wonder?

(Yes, I have several irons in the fire but I’d tell you about it separately.)

Have you had any good news lately? Did they come in three?