Ten years ago when I started running long distance some of my friends remarked that I am having a midlife crisis. My response was that as midlife crises go this is a fairly tame one – I could be buying a Harley and looking for my next toy-boy.

Little did we know; I was not having a mid-life crisis at all – it seems ‘I just felt like runnin’’. Things are a bit different now: no toy-boys (John, did you read this, darling) but a motorbike trip across the US is on the cards – in 2018 when our youngest son is 17 so that he can ride with me! Cool or what!

My midlife angst is a bit different: I look in the mirror and I don’t like much what I see. No, it is not in the eye of the beholder; my body seriously need a serious MOT. I have already taken some steps – like starting to run again, going to the gym and watching these wonderful cakes I am being tempted with, particularly when travelling.

This is my public commitment.

I am running Lausanne marathon at the end of October to celebrate my 50th birthday. By then I will be running like that


And I will look like this (with arms, of course)


This is right: I’ll run like a cheetah and look like a Greek Goddess.

You think I can’t do it? You haven’t met my trainer yet – he is fit, he is mean, he is ex-army and he happens to be a friend…when we are not training this is. Meet Chris Clark!