For the last two weeks or so I lived my life in flip flops (yes, the ones on the picture are my flip flops, my feet). There was a simple routine to my life: sleep until you wake up, read in bed for a bit, get up and go to the beach, sunbathe and swim, have a siesta read some more, have dinner and end the day with a cocktail.

life in flip flops

Life of indolence, you may think. You’d be correct! In fact, it was my mission on this holiday to do as little work as possible. Apart from a bit of writing for The Money Principle and recording couple of video clips I did nothing productive.

This is hard for me: I’m not sure where this comes from but I have this workaholic obsession. I suspect someone told me that I’m lazy when I was little and I took offence because since very early age it simply impossible for me to be idle.

For the last two weeks, I was; intentionally so.

And you know what?

Being indolent for two weeks was probably the best investment in myself that I could have made. I feel very zen now and what I refer to as ‘the noise in my head’ has died down. I can focus, laugh and be creative as I have not been able to do for the last year or so. It is also much easier to deal with the inevitable calamities of life.

Life has been sorting itself as well. During the last week, I learned that:

  • I have been selected to consult on a research project of high visibility (paid, of course);
  • I’ll be speaking on universal basic income at FinCon17 as part of a panel.

Boom! One academic and one blogging achievement.

Not to mention that I’ve just started a year and a half sabbatical leave from the university; on full pay and all benefits. Don’t ask me whether I’ll be going back – I have absolutely no idea at this point. What I know is that I have this unique opportunity and complete discretion over what I do for a relatively long time.

My life in flip flops may not be over just yet; this doesn’t mean that I’m going to continue my existence as an indolent, self-indulgent middle aged woman.

Since I’m amongst friends here I’d like to tell you what I have decided to do.

Here it is:

  • I will write a book setting out my theory of research spaces and research fields. For close to twenty years I’ve been building towards this moment through my research and academic writing – towards setting out a theory that can go some way towards enhancing the understanding of the links between policy and the science and innovation system. The notions I’ve been developing are already being used and it is time to consolidate these in a book.
  • I will write a personal finance book on financial health. This will be a proper book that covers all aspects of personal finance with an emphasis on the foundation, namely our mentality. There will be three e-books on separate issues of personal finance as well: one on debt (nearly finished), one on money management and one on making money and investing.
  • I will learn to do SEO like a boss. Yes, you heard me right. SEO is not the sexiest of competencies to develop but in today’s world I reckon it is the Occam’s razor. Mastering SEO will allow me to take The Money Principle to a different level by reaching, and helping, more people; have a skill that I can sell to others and improve the visibility of my academic work as well. Yeah…it is a noisy world out there and I’ll learn how to cut through the noise.

These are the three main things I intend to focus my energy on during the next year and a half. All, while still living my life in flip flops.

What do you think? Is there something you’d like me to do?