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Plutus win1

…I wish you were all here in New Orleans to party and celebrate with me.

For over three years now John and I have worked hard to give our readers the best we can do.

It’s paid off: The Money Principle has been growing steadily and reaching more people.

We promised to entertain, inform and educate you, our reader, and we hope we’ve moved at least some way towards fulfilling our promise.

The Money Principle is for you!

Still, a stamp of quality by our peer community – bloggers from around the world – is important to me. As I’ve mentioned before, I may think that I’m a blogger but what really makes me one is whether the other bloggers think I’m a blogger.

They do!

Last night The Money Principle won the Plutus Award for Best International Blog.

I feel…

…well, it is very hard to describe how I feel. I still can’t believe that I won and I’m overjoyed that I won.

I’d also like to recognise three blogs that competed in the Best International Blog category as well:

Miss Thrifty: What can I say? Miss Thrifty is a wonderful blog of a wonderful friend.

The Skint Dad: Ricky is doing a splendid job of building a great blog, paying off debt, living on a budget and looking after his kids.

Reach Financial Independence: Again, a great blog run by a great friend.

All great blogs and more than worthy of the Plutus award!

Anyway, this is why I got really drunk last night: I was celebrating. And anyway, it is really hard to stay sober in New Orleans it seems.

Now, it’s time to pack my bags and start the journey back home.

Last week, The Money Principle was included in the following personal finance carnivals:

Carnival of Money hosted by Carnival of Money
Carnival of MoneyPros hosted by Money Smart Guides
Yakezie Carnival hosted by The Investing Monk
Carnival of Financial Planning hosted by Financial Nerd

We’d like to thanks all who hosted and included us.

Speak soon.