I am not one for movements; in fact, I have never joined a movement in my entire life. When I was younger I had my revolution; but I have always had the psyche and attitude of a long distance runner – which is a pretty lonely pass time. Why am I supporting the Debt Movement?

Because debt is different! Trust me I know about it – three years ago we had £100,000 ($162,500) worth of consumer debt; today I wish to be able to join in the movement in the most straight forward way – by paying off some debt – but the last of it will be paid off before the movement starts in earnest (February 1). I suppose this qualifies me as someone who knows a thing or two about debt; and how to pay it off!

Some personal finance bloggers have written about debt comparing it to running a marathon; to this I say: BS! I run marathons, and yes the 42K (and a bit) can be intimidating. But if you have ever done a race, particularly a longish one, you may recall the mixture of trepidation and excitement; in my book

excitement = life + happiness

 Debt is not like that! Debt is more like getting off the ski lift, looking down the slope and thinking:

‘No blo*dy way I am going down this one! It is madness and I’d rather freeze up here.’

Then you look at the others skiing down and you realise that your brain is playing tricks on you (as our big brains tend to do): you have been looking straight down when ‘there is no hill high enough’ and steep enough if you traverse it. If you have no experience of traversing just follow someone; or even the tracks. This is how debt is!

I have never been one for joining movements; but when I needed the support of a group of people who could feel what I am going through I created my own – I started writing on a large website’s forum and started this blog. I made friends for life and this gave me the strength and determination to kick my debt’s butt really big time.

Now I am supporting the Debt Movement because it is time to give back; I can’t join in paying off debt but over the next month I will:

  • Publish articles on debt and how to cope with it;
  • Offer tips for dealing with debt and paying it off fast;
  • Reply to any questions that you may have regarding debt and paying it off;
  • Discuss your strategy (privately and for free);
  • Help you develop your personal strategy for paying debt off timely and sustainably (just contact me).

What is the Debt Movement?

An initiative started by a fellow blogger – Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents – and supported by ReadyForZero. The aim is to pay off collectively $10 million (£6,154,950) worth of debt in 90 days.

There are two stages of the movement:

Stage 1: During January many articles will be published on different personal finance blogs, including The Money Principle. This aims to provide as much information, understanding and support as possible so that were you to decide to join the movement there is a large resource base to draw upon.

Stage 2: Start paying off debt on February 1. I am going to install this widget on the side bar:

If you join the movement tracking how much has been paid off collectively is easy; you will just have to update what you have paid off in the window.

Enter to win a ‘scholarship’

You can read more about the ‘debt scholarships’ here; I would just mention that there are $10,000+ (£6,125+) which will be awarded as ‘scholarships’ (of different amount) to help you pay off your debt faster.

Final words:

Getting rid of (all) your debt feels great; in fact, it is probably the single biggest high I have experienced in my life (no joke and you can’t pin this one on lack of experience :)). So:

  • To my readers in the US: join the movement! Enough ‘snowflaking’; let’s kick some debt a**!
  • To my readers in the UK: guys, the Americans are doing it! Let’s kick some debt butt and show them what we are made of!
  • To my readers elsewhere: what are you waiting for? Get debt busting!

And look out for my post announcing that we are debt free; I have been composing this one for the last three years and it will be worth reading, I promise!