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Greeting’s all. I’m sad to report that I am still unemployed, and it has left a sour taste with me to say the least. My job interview with TNT postal service a few weeks ago went well and I had high hopes that I would claim my place in the training that would follow, but what has actually has happened has left me a little stunned if not perplexed.

Firstly I was told that I had ‘passed the interview stage’, and this was only last week, then to be told on Tuesday that I hadn’t got the job due to a comment of mine on my own bike riding skills, which are required to be a postman. The two main issues I have with this:

a) I only mentioned the bike training that TNT provides at the interview as a positive thing that would help me to improve and get used to bikes on the road more as I haven’t had too much recent practice;

b) the woman at Avanta has made me bordering on livid because of her tone after speaking to her. She asked me in an accusing manner “Why did you apply if you didn’t want the job”. I almost saw red, but instead just firmly told her I did want the job and I don’t appreciate the question when I have not given any indication to anyone that I didn’t want to succeed.

Not only am I now left disappointed without a job that I tried hard to get but the finger is pointed at me as if I intentionally messed up. It was also mentioned that the interviewers liked me very much as a person. To be honest my head is spinning over all this. I don’t believe I could have done any better but it’s as if I’m supposed to have made myself appear as the master of all skills and have visions of the future when it comes to exactly what questions I’m going to be asked in an interview.

So I’m left flummoxed for reasons said above, but there’s more to it. Here are several questions running through my mind over this; why was I not informed directly from the employers via the usual routes of telephone and email, instead leaving me to hear from a third party by word of mouth? Why was I told I had passed some sort of ‘first stage’ some days later after the interview, when in fact I was not even being considered for the job? And whose business is it exactly what is said during the interview, considering there should be a reason it is conducted behind closed doors? Yes, I’m left so very flummoxed (I like that word). It’s all mixed messages from Avanta and employers, and it feels to me that I’m the only honest one in this game that they’re playing, and standing alone I have no chance of winning. I tried my best, and in return I get treated like a fool with a bad agenda.

However, I’m going to have to put all this aside for now. My attitude towards the people at Avanta will not change unless they begin to treat me differently, and more humanly, but as I proceed with my appointments at their office I will just have to keep my head down and ignore the nonsensical idiocy as much as possible. I’ll play my part, but what I’m really there to do is find a job for me, not them.

There is good news, though. Next week I have two job interviews and it’s about time I got some better luck. One of the jobs is for a Marks and Spencer’s call centre and the other is for a packing job at a food company’s warehouse. If I’m honest I’m more excited about the latter, not only because it sounds straight forward but also my patience with people is wearing thin and so manual labour sounds like a good venture for me. Either way I’ll give a good account of myself and try to get offers for both jobs. My main hope this time around is that I don’t have to talk to any Avanta staff about my application and interview with either employer. If I have to I’d be tempted to sit there silently, or perhaps just be sarcastic. I know it wouldn’t be the right thing to do, but if I’m going to be openly judged on whether I realistically try to get a job then my response will not be all too pleasant. I am trying, more than I ever was before, and there is nothing more to it than that.

So here’s hoping for no more ‘Chinese Whispers’, meaning if I do well enough at the interview for Marks and Spencer’s or Continental Foods, or both, I’ll be looking to hear directly from themselves and not someone who can’t help but be judgemental and assuming, and isn’t what I’d call qualified to do so. It’s a tricky world and I don’t need anything else standing in my way, certainly not any more people with below par communication skills or poor attitude. So long as I concentrate solely on me in a positive light I’m always in with a chance.

Here’s hoping.

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