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cost of living

‘Well, I’ve been trying to get my spending in check, but it isn’t easy. Everything has been getting so much more expensive.’

This is what a friend of mine told me the other day when I was telling her that she ought to be able to save.

I’d had the same feeling; it seemed that the cost of living is increasing. Why am I telling you that I’ve had the same “feeling”?

Because I spent most of my life not being interested in what things cost and not being able to remember any prices.

Obviously, I don’t have long term records of prices either: my records go about four years back.

Still, even looking at four years I can tell you that in ALDI things cost more. Look at this (sorry, this is a bit of a random selection but still makes the point):

Cost 2010 Cost 2014
Butter £0.85 £0.98
Pears £0.59 £1.29
Yoghurt £0.49 £0.85
Peppers £0.59 £0.89


So you see, take four random things we’ve been buying in the same shop and in the last four years the prices of all have gone up; some more than others.

I don’t need to tell you that the wages have not been going up; not even keeping up with inflation – we (our government) decided that this will be people’s sacrifice on the altar of economic recovery.

The Gods are not listening: maybe they don’t like the sacrifice.

While wondering by how much has the cost of living increased, a message by a guy who spent sometime researching the matter and designing this infographic drop into my box. I had a look and I liked it; so decided to publish it for you.

Like the infographic, not what is happening to the prices of everything around.

It is true, the cost of living has been going up: from your food and the drink in the pub to education and transport.

Have you noticed a change in your living standard? How are you coping?


photo credit: Nina Matthews Photography via photopin cc

Being British: Are Your Costs Escalating – An infographic by the team at vouchercloud