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Selfie 2

…I can experiment as much as I want!

And here is the experiment: a birthday video I recorded earlier today.

Yes, five years can really make a lot of difference. Heck, two years can make a lot of difference.

If you are in a financial difficulty at the moment – or any other difficulty – do not despair.

Five years ago I thought that we’ll be paying off debt till we are in our dotage.

We paid it off in three years and it seems we’ll achieve quite a bit more – both professionally and financially – before we are anywhere near the retirement home I’ve been talking about.

So, buckle up, smile and keep pursuing your heart’s desire with intelligence, erudition and elegance.

I know, I will!

Oh, and have a glass of wine (or beer) for my health tonight. In turn, I promise to continue educating, entertaining and supporting you to get where you’ve always wanted to be.