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When you’re trying to fill executive vacancies in your business, recruiters are a great way to go. Advertising the role and sorting through every applicant yourself is exhausting. This is especially the case if you’re advertising for your first executive roles and the burden of dealing with the admin of the hiring process falls squarely on you.

Partnering with a recruiter lifts the burden of sifting applications down to a shortlist, and also outsources the problems of finding promising candidates. This frees you up to do what you’re good at: running your business. Once the recruiter has a shortlist for you, you can give your attention to the interview process and ensure you end up with the best person for the job, who can help you grow your business.

But how do you find the right recruiter? If you look for Search Firms London you’ll find a huge amount to choose from. You need to make the right decision so you’re trusting the right people with your hiring process. Today, we’ve got a short guide to picking the right recruiter for your business.

Ask Your Peers

Start with your professional network. Talk to people who are also working in your niche, or hiring at your level and see who has worked for them. Getting an initial pointer or recommendation isn’t the end of this job, but it is a promising start.

Visit in Person

Make sure you call into their offices in person. While this will help you have a more in depth discussion than you might on the phone, it also gives you more of an insight into their company.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of a potential employee in your company: does this recruiter’s office give them a good impression? Would you walk in here and trust that this business recruits for reputable businesses like yours?  If they don’t show the world an appropriate face, they’re not the right person to work with.

Test Their Knowledge

When you talk to them, ask them some questions as part of the conversation. They should be able to provide confident, accurate answers about your sector. A good recruiter can advise you about the job market in your niche, current salary levels, and your chances of filling a particular vacancy.

If they can do this, you can be assured they’re a great company to partner with. If they can’t, they might not be the people to provide your new hires, and you should feel free to move on.

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