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There are several ways to earn money with DasCoin. Here are the major ones to know so you can ask if you should invest in DasCoin or not.

DasCoin is marketed as a cryptocurrency unit that supports smart contracts. Like Bitcoin and other altcoins, you can earn exchange revenue by trading your DasCoins within DasExchange. Starting on March 31, 2018, you will be able to trade your DasCoins publicly.

How to Make Money with DasCoin

First, DasCoin is not a product or direct service. They are a cryptocurrency working on becoming the preferred store of value people can use to buy stuff online and in physical stores. Their DasPay subdivision is helping people make payments across 60 million merchant stores, as compared to Bitcoin’s 200,000 merchant stores.

Second, DasCoins are minted—not mined like Bitcoin.

Here’s the landmark difference.

While miners solve complex math to produce more bitcoin, you are required to use bitcoin or euros to buy digital licenses from NetLeaders, DasCoin’s parent company. The digital licenses are what eventually allows you to receive DasCoins in your digital wallet so you can use them to buy stuff or trade via their DasExchange.

You can earn from direct sales, bonus payouts, and commissions from successful referrals.

How to Earn Affiliate Commissions with DasCoin

Importantly, DasCoin is built around an affiliate program where you can earn commissions for referring people to use the DasCoin network. The more people you introduce to their system, and who in turn buy NetLeaders licenses, the higher the commissions you receive.

You get to choose which DasCoin licensing package to buy—from the €100 one to the €25,000 package.

How much you get in terms of commission will depend on the value of your package and the value your referees buy. Higher-priced packages offer more DasCoin value, so you’ll want your referrals to buy the higher-priced ones to make good returns on your investment and referring effort.

For an initial €45, you get to earn 10% of the price of NetLeaders license fees bought by your referrals. This is the direct sales bonus plan.

Earn from DasCoin’s “Capital Gains”

DasCoin uses the term ‘Cycles’ to represent phases in which new nodes join the DasNet or DasCoin network. Nodes are basically new people joining the network. The higher the number of new nodes, the higher the number of DasCoins produced within a specific time—usually two to three months.

“Upgrades” happen after this, which basically allow people who have not used their Upgrade tokens to double their available Cycles and increase the value of their DasCoins while preventing volatility.

Note that when you buy the license, you do not get every DasCoin in one lump sum. The digital coins are rewarded with a matching number of DasCoins each time a licensee successfully refers a new buyer or investor.

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