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Do you think I’m exaggerating?

Well, may be just a little bit. Two things are absolutely spot-on, though:

  • Yesterday, in Atlanta, I saw Air Force One (okay, especially for pedants reading my blog, I saw one of the crafts of the Air Force One fleet). I was on an airplane waiting to take off to New Orleans and we were not allowed to move because Barak Obama was taking off.
  • When we were given permission to take off our airplane narrowly avoided crashing.

So, you see, yesterday the President of the US very likely saved my life. He very likely saved the lives of everyone on flight Delta 1277 – if as much as the nose of the aircraft had left the ground we would have been in a very serious pickle (and I’m being very British and understated here).

But let me back track a little and tell you the story; you are not going to hear it if I don’t because this is not on the news at all.

My regular readers know that I don’t stack up posts for The Money Principle: never worked for me. All articles on The Money Principle are finished hours before publication.

So, yesterday on the flight from Manchester to Atlanta (on route to New Orleans) I was working on finishing an article about my grandmother; more specifically about why my grandmother never worried about her retirement. It is called ‘Why my grandmother didn’t give a toss about her retirement’.

While working away on this post, I remember thinking that my journey is progressing so smoothly that there is nothing to tell you, my reader, except ‘I arrived’ kind of thing.

Little did I know that I’m tempting faith.

So there I was, at Atlanta Airport. Entry into the US – no problem; time for a quick coffee and then boarded Delta 1277 to New Orleans.

I took my seat. Next to me was a pregnant lady; behind a couple where the woman said all that came into her mind and very loudly at that.

I was already tired and was drifting off when we started accelerating to take off. Next thing I knew the following happened in short succession:

  • There was a loud bang;
  • The lady behind me screamed (this freaked my out more than the bang)
  • The pilot jumped on the breaks;
  • The airplane started skidding and smoke coming from the tires;
  • The seatbelt was digging into me;

Then we stopped. There was no sound in the plane; none at all. I felt someone touching my arm: the lady next to me was crying and clutching her tummy.

Fire engines arrived.

I called a flight attendant and asked them to help the lady next to me.

‘Now, this scared the sh*t out of me!’ – someone said.

We all started laughing.

There is more to the story but it is about getting back to the Terminal, eating loads of sugar (I mean shameful amount of sweets and rubbish), waiting around and finally arriving in New Orleans six hours late.

It was a hard day.

This morning, I was woken up by a noise that sounded like someone is texting and has left the sound on.

Got up and traced the noise; it was coming from the bathroom.

No, no one was hiding in my bathroom texting; there was a very prolific leak though.

All morning I’ve had handymen in my room looking, banging and mending. There is still a guy there working.

And you know, guys, I really hope that this is the last thing that goes wrong.