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Yep, it is the family uniform!

Father’s Day is around the corner; although in my family we have the running joke that it is ‘God’s day’ as he does like to be worshipped. Our Father is special to us, and there is rarely another person anyone looks up to more in life. I’m sure many of you agree with this.

My Dad’s three sons admire and love him, and whilst we have to put up with his cheesy humour 365 days a year, there is at least two days when he gets away with it; his birthday and Father’s Day.

The problem for many sons and daughters is that the man of the house can be difficult when it comes to buying gifts. Traditionally, things such as flowers don’t really go in sync to what a man enjoys. And perhaps, dare I say, if he likes whiskey he might be getting a little bored of receiving the same thing.

So if like me, you’re having a bit of a brain fart when it comes to getting your old man something, let’s look at some funky and affordable options. For around £20 we can still treat him with thoughtfulness and a jolly good laugh.

Firstly, let’s look at a dozen nerdy and funny t-shirts that will cost you around £20 a piece. These are a neat idea last time I checked everyone wears clothes; sometimes we want clothes that say funny things on them or just make a statement.

Also, these days being geeky is the new sexy! Let your Dad has his day and if you fancy a geeky t-shirt so be it – there is a lot of choice.

Gift Idea 1) I saw this shirt and agreed with its slogan straight away. Brainy people such as my nerdy family will enjoy this shirt as it says “COMMON SENSE IS SO RARE THESE DAYS IT SHOULD BE CLASSIFIED AS A SUPER POWER”.

Gift Idea 2) Another clever t-shirt is this one, and it took me a second to get the joke but for those of us with fathers who love physics this is ideal. It says “THERE ARE ONLY 10 TYPES OF PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND BINARY AND THOSE WHO DON’T.” (sorry, you have to understand binary to get the joke). (£17.98)

gift ideas

Gift idea 3) Hey dude, check out this shirt man. Chameleon Clothing don’t just do funky slogans, they do far out tie-dye shirts like this one. If your dad loves everything to do with the good old 60s hippy-era he may enjoy this trippy Acid House Spiral shirt. Only £12.99 but you shouldn’t be around when he wears it!

Gift Idea 4) Here’s a shirt with a saying that my whole family loves. It exemplifies how knowledge is power, and how geeks are truly the rulers. The shirt says “NERD? I PREFER THE TERM INTELLECTUAL BAD ASS”. The t-shirt costs £20.20 (so slightly over budget); there is also a hoody and it costs £30.90 – worth every penny. Maria teaches her first lecture wearing the ‘bad ass’ t-shirt!

Gift Idea 5) Does your father love the old Star Wars films? (It’s universally agreed the latest ones are lame).Then perhaps this extremely geeky slogan will appeal, it refers to both physics and Darth Vader. The shirt says “RESISTANCE IS NOT FUTILE. IT’S VOLTAGE DIVIDED BY CURRENT Ω = V/A”.

Gift Idea 6) Now this t-shirt may be overstepping the boundaries of ‘geekism’. Not only does it look cool but on closer inspection you can see the symbol for Pi is made up by the ongoing Pi number. It also has the equation for Pi underneath the symbol. I know, massively geek, but Dad’s love that sort of thing.

Gift Idea 7) This shirt highlights the fact that being called a ‘geek’ or a ‘weirdo’ are really compliments nowadays. A lot of us tend to think our Dads are weird, but we love them for just that. This shirt says “SOMETIMES I PRETEND TO BE NORMAL. BUT IT GETS BORING, SO I GO BACK TO BEING ME”.

Gift Idea 8) I tested this one on my Dad and he almost fell off his chair laughing. It says “THIS T-SHIRT WAS TESTED ON ANIMALS; IT DIDN’T FIT”. Told you my Dad has a wacky sense of humour; and if your Dad is anything like mine he’d love it. Thinking about it I may have one myself! It costs £22.60.

gift ideas

Gift Idea 9) We all know that men can be rude (tut tut), but it’s also an undeniable fact that farting is universally hilarious. So if your dad is a jolly trumper perhaps he’d like this shirt. It says “FARTING BEAST”. Costs £21.20 but be careful: this one is not for everybody and only men with schoolboy humour will appreciate it.

Gift idea 10) Last on the list of t-shirts how about this nerdy but ultra-cool one. It is a picture of the Butterfly Nebula and if your dad is a man of science I’m sure he’d enjoy wearing this epic shirt, which lists the dimensions of the nebula too.

The T-shirts above are superb for this kind of occasion, especially when they’re in the sort of price range that doesn’t put added strain on your budgeting. There are other options of course, options like gift cards available from the Amazon store. Also, you could take your old man out for a meal and split the costs between your siblings. But if you’re still struggling for more quirky ideas, let’s look at a few other items that might work for you and your dad.

Gift Idea 11) As we get older we struggle with our weight more and more, but without being too insensitive about it, you could get your dad this big size and high quality leather belt. It’s a myth that men don’t enjoy quality apparel nearly as much as ladies do, and at exactly £20 this thick, leather belt is as affordable as it is strong.

gift ideas

Gift Idea 12) Another idea is if you see your dad wearing old and tired socks, get him a new set for each day of the week. Socks can be seen as a cliché gift, but we all need them. Also, men can be lazy when it comes to getting the little things they need, so at only £7 these Lycra Wacky Weekly Socks could prove to be a timely and useful gift if the old man has holes in his current pairs.

Gift Idea 13) Men today have a bit of a problem: they had a choice between bulky pockets to put their stuff in or carrying a men bag. My dad is all in favour of men bags: having rubbished them for years last time they went to Bulgaria in the summer he was converted. Of course, you want a men bag that has style and quality, is masculine and elegant and won’t break the bank. Check this Double Pocket Messenger bag from Riverisland.com for £25.

gift ideas

Gift Idea 14) As for the ultimate in useful gifts, you could get your father this Brown and Herringbone Wallet for £15. People do like keeping things organised and neatly stored away, so this item may be perfect as it contained 15 pockets to hold credit and debit cards as well as a money clip.

Gift Idea 15) To finish the list let’s look at something we all know most men love: their gadgets. Men love to keep their gadgets safe so why not buy your Dad a Mipac iPad case. It is stylish and it will keep his beloved iPad safe in case he has couple of drinks for Father’s Day and drops it. All yours for £18.

I hope you find these gift ideas useful. The funny t-shirts act as a wave of gift ideas for everyone, not just for dad. Let’s face it though, dad is pretty special and he deserves a decent gift with a little thought behind it, so long as it sticks to the rules of a frugal spender.

So, happy gifting! And if you have any other neat and original ideas of your own, please do share them in the comments below.