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What do you reckon, friend, is a holiday in the sun worth getting in debt?

I can tell you what I think.

I most emphatically believe that nothing is worth getting in debt; not even a week of sunshine, sea and beautiful beaches.

Still, this is the reformed me; the ‘me’ that has been debt free for over five years now and who has learned to pay for ‘consumables’, including experiences that create unforgettable memories, with cash.

There was a time when we’d book our holiday on a credit card and, largely, forget about it. This is, my friend, how to get, and stay, in debt.

Having said that, the last holiday we put on a credit card was in 2009. This is the year my mum passed away; so I remember it well. I also remember, that every holiday till 2010 didn’t feel right. You know, I always had the uncomfortable feeling that this is something we shouldn’t be doing; and I didn’t relax, enjoy it or feel rested at the end of it.

In 2010, when we started paying off our debt, our holiday was different. We spent a week at the beach in Bulgaria, couple of weeks in our apartment in Sofia and a week with my dad. All in all, it cost us what it would cost to stay in Manchester (started learning about good deals, you see).

Much has changed since then.

We paid off all our consumer debt in three years.

We have built new investments.

We started having longer, and more expensive, holidays.

One thing that doesn’t change is that

We always pay for our holidays upfront.

You see, soaking up the sunshine is, I believe, necessary for us who live in the North. Spending time on the beach, absorbing sun, sea and sand sets our bodies for a much healthier winter. I’ve also reached the age when thinking about bone density is not an empty concern – and the sun is part of the cure/prevention.

Still, none of these benefits that come from a good holiday in the sun is worth getting in debt.

Here are two whale blog posts that will help you mastermind the best deal holiday.

It doesn’t matter how inexpensive your holiday is; you still have to come up with the cash if you are not to get in debt. This needs forward planning and focus. Set a holiday budget (account) and start saving immediately.

If you are not able to save enough for your holiday, you cannot afford a holiday. There is no need to despair, however; you can always start a side-hustle and earn more money.

To summarise

Even a holiday in the sun is not worth gating in debt.

It is bets to shop for deals, to learn all tips and hacks for cheap travel and to save for it.

How do you pay for your holidays? What do you do to cover the costs?