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Traders should be aware of the main economic events to know what can happen to certain currency pairs. It helps not only to get additional profits but to avoid unnecessary losses too. As they say, knowing what can impact your trading makes you ready for the price movements.

So, sentiments may change every day, and it’s better to stay informed and check the daily Forex economic calendar. This thing can make your trading more effective, and the team of JustForex broker will tell you about other secrets of using it.

Anticipate the market trends with the calendar of economic events, read everyday analysis and forecasts. They will make you ready for every market scenario, it means that you’ll be confident with your decisions, and the profits will probably grow.

Some prefer even not to trade during news releases because of a high volatility on the market, spreads widening and chaotic price movements. Still, other traders manage to control their deals and earn money on such sharp movements. Anyway, it is important to pay attention to the political and economic news, central banks releases, and local events that may influence the pair you work with.

We have prepared a list of resources that will be helpful for watching the news flow and provide you with daily analysis and forecasts. All these portals work in the real time and were created especially for traders:


Check out our calendar and everyday analysis that can be found in the Analytics section. You’ll be able to plan your trades as carefully as it’s possible. The events are categorized by the impact they may have on prices, you can see it in the table. Please beware of news with the high impact level, as prices can move sharply and unpredictably during them.


This well-known portal can be a good helper for every trader and it’s familiar to nearly all the market participants. The Economic calendar, analysis, the market overview by well-known traders can be found here. Events are also highlighted by their influence on the market and by currencies that may be affected.


If you’ve been trading on Forex for a while, you may already know this resource. There is the calendar, news alerts, forecasts, analysis and educational articles. You can find the current quotes of majors on any website page, so you may notice changes and make decisions on your deals just while reading articles or analytical materials.

This website is not only for creating trading journals but also for streaming the market news. It’s like a social network for Forex traders, as there are more than 90K people registered on Myfxbook that share their trading results with others and use this site for performing better analysis. Good news is that you can access Forex economic calendar, broker reviews and news stream without registering.


Here traders can find everything from the step-by-step instructions to trading signals and the news stream. Live quotes, the calendar of economic events, technical analysis, charts, broker reviews and educational materials attract people to this site.

These were TOP-5 websites with the live economic calendar, news and the high-quality technical analysis. Finally, we would like to note that following the main events may increase your profits, but be careful with news trading, and better test your strategy on demo before trying it on a live account. We wish you profitable trading!