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Editor’s Note: This is another weekly article by Alex; he is still looking for a job without much luck.

A few weeks back I posted an article revealing my joy at the sight and sensation of sunshine and blue skies above. This week, I have to say, has stuttered along rather than continued in the positive momentum that has gathered recently. It’s a direct reflection of the weather, with rain pouring in spells and the nights noticeably dropping in temperature. Even the excitement of applying for a job at a Lego store couldn’t thoroughly warm me up. And ask any man in my generation, Lego is fantastic stuff.

Now I’m not going to draw too many parallels between the weather and deeper emotions, as it’s too much of a grey area, and overcast. One thing I will say, though, is that I’ve had the costly gas fire on and used an electrical heater a couple of evenings recently and who would have thought additional warmth would be sought towards the end of the month of May? Then again, this is England. Perhaps government are controlling the climate to increase spending, or maybe it’s just because rotten weather suites the British in general. One does like a jolly good moan.

However, my main issue this week to assist with clouded skies is with the regurgitating and tedious cycle of job application forms. It almost feels like Groundhog Day with some of them, as they can be so similar and even in some cases I’ve filled out the same form for the same employer in different months and still got no reply, at which point it is safe to assume I haven’t got the job. Oh, bother.

Sometimes you get automated responses, identifying they have received the application or to notify you of the position being already taken. Very rarely you get a response from an actual person (an actual human-person!) by which you get to have a brief conversation over emails, thanking them at the very least for their reply. Most of the time, however, you get nothing back at all.

From the employers perspective they will receive high numbers of applicants for different roles, and of course the reality is that your C.V or application form will be looked at for a brief 10-20 seconds and then either considered or discarded. But like anything it’s a numbers game – the more you apply for the more you’ll hear back from. I believe that would be a reasonable forecast to go by but in my experience of late the inbox remains derelict.

Having said all this, my current perception isn’t one that’s down and out. The summer is coming, in its own lackadaisical fashion, and there are jobs out there for me. My main trouble is keeping to that dreaded routine, which involves more resilience than I generally have stored within me. There’s no excuse to go wild, but after countless days looking for work the act of regressing back to a caveman doesn’t seem so radical – It would certainly make for an interesting read in the ‘Hobbies and Interests’ section of my C.V.

All in all the weather doesn’t change the incentive to get back into full time employment, but in a sense similar vibes are shared by all when the days turn for better or worse, as we all react to the heat and light. In the summer months, or weeks as it’s looking to be like, I eat less and do more. I just hope that all the times I chop and change my C.V and spend time covering bases at the job centre eventually reaps better rewards. Perhaps employers will cheer up the same as I do when the sun comes out fully; otherwise my temperament may fluctuate as the question arises “Is it me? Am I not employable?”

Of course I am employable, so unfortunately it is mostly down to the luck of the draw. I must just keep on keeping on, and so on.

photo credit: woodleywonderworks via photopin cc