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Sunday thoughts

Yes, I know that Sunday is the day for The Money Principle top money tips.

This is one thing I can’t do while on holiday: I haven’t browsed the web for the best pickings for two weeks now.

And it isn’t that I’m trying to switch of: reading blogs is part of my fun.

It is the Internet; or the lack of it. Here we can buy three days Wi-Fi for 10 euro and the connection is not good; I would have had to sit in the lobby to be able to work.

I’ve been using my roaming internet (and had to buy some more).

This is why, today I decided to offer you some random Sunday thoughts and some pictures I took.

  • There are people who as white as John and me (our son tans beautifully). Gosh, there are even people who are whiter than us.
  • We seem to be the only people on the beach who have no tattoos. Some people have too many tattoos – they look like Viking warriors. Yes, the girls as well.
  • Water tastes terrific when you are so thirsty you simply cannot wait to have a drink; and it is so cold that sweaty beads trickle down the bottle as you drink.
  • Playing ‘Bat and Ball’ on the beach is fun; it can be a substitute to meditating (if you are looking for a substitute for meditating).

Sunday thoughts

  • Even small waves are very powerful. One knocked me down today and I was only up to my waist deep.
  • There are hardly any British people here.
  • There are no Russians here; is it normal or is it the situation in Russia?
  • I wonder why there are so many French people here; and Spanish as well.
  • I was embarrassed by my body when we came. Tried to sunbathe in whole swim suits and it sucks. I looked around – there are many women who have 20 kg more than me and 20 years less than me. I bought bikini suit!
  • Every day I go ‘walk abouts’ on the beach. It is a combination of walking and swimming when it’s high tide.
  • Have been sleeping a lot. Pity I dunked my Jawbone band in the sea on the third day: would have loved to see that I sleep over 7 hours per night and move over 15,000 steps a day. Oh, well!
  • There is a waitress at the bar who looks like my sister. And the guy who rents the sun-shades on the beach looks like our local butcher. We call him ‘Frank’.

Sunday thoughts

  • John and PNL (our youngest son) are off shark fishing tomorrow. I’m staying put: if they have me on a boat for three hours I’ll jump in with the sharks.
  • PNL and I have not argued for three days now. Which is some kind of record. I wonder what the next argument will be.
  • I refused to let PNL in the apartment before he brushes the sand off his feet. I did it! John did it! Later, in the bathroom, I took my swim suit off and…a mound of sand deposited itself on the floor. Authority crashing!

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This is all for now. Wish you a successful week and speak soon.