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It is yours for the taking.

I have a voucher for a Luxury Spa Day at a Marriott Hotel for Two which promises delights that will send the Winter gloom away.

I am giving it away!

But I love all my readers and preferential treatment is not my style.

So, here is how this is going to work.

To enter The Money Principle competition for the irresistible day of pampering – and you can take a partner – you have to:

Answer four easy questions; and

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The competition will be open till midnight on Friday, 31 January.

On Saturday (1 February) a competition committee consisting of John and me will select the winner; this will be done randomly.

We will announce the winner of the grand prize the same evening and send her/him an electronic voucher for the Spa Day. This should be used by 30 April 2014.

The Questions

Please leave a comment with the answer to these four questions:

Q1: Where are you in the Game of Wealth?

  1. Paying off debt
  2. Saving
  3. Investing
  4. Building pension(s)
  5. Other….(please tell us what)

(You can give more than one answer and replying by using a reference to the question (Q1) and the number(s) of your answer is okay)

Q2: Are you:

  1. Working full time;
  2. Working part-time;
  3. Self-employed;
  4. Studying (full or part-time)
  5. Out of work
  6. Retired

Q3: What do you love about The Money Principle?


Q4: What would you like to see on The Money Principle?


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Good luck!

photo credit: Tara Angkor Hotel via photopin cc