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Do you like eating the same breakfast over and over again? Day in and day out; week days and weekends.

If you do, this post is not for you: it is for people who thrive on variety.

I need variety to survive; in anything from clothes and fashion to food and reading. And I indulge my need for variety – particularly in food – mainly during the weekend. My week is by necessity regimented and build on routines – without my routines working life will be next to impossible.

The recipe I’ll share with you today has been in my family for generations. My mother made it, my grandmother made it and, I suspect, my grandmother’s grandmother made it. And it is very good if you want to eat for less.

I’ll share with you how to make ‘buhti’.

As you see from the picture, Suzi the Dog loves buhti; so do John and our son. I hope you and your family will as well.

What is buhti?

Buhti is pastry breakfast that is fried in oil. You may think of it as the much cheaper and a bit healthier cousin of the doughnut. It looks like this:

eat for less

If you think that this is not particularly healthy, you are probably right. What I’ve come to realise, though, is that hardly any food is healthy as such. Healthy eating is about balance.

Making and eating the occasional buhti is not going to damage your health. Making and eating buhti every morning may lead to considerable weight gain.

This is why.

How to make buhti?

This is how to make buhti. You’ll need thirty minutes or so to prepare them which for the ones who like to cook can be a nice and relaxing start to a weekend.


  • 500 g (one tab) of fat free yoghurt (55 pence)
  • 2 eggs (40 pence)
  • 1 tea spoon of baking powder
  • 2 table spoons sugar
  • Flour


Put the yoghurt and eggs in a medium sized bowl and beat for about five minutes (can use a hand mixer for that). Add the baking powder and the sugar and beat for another minute or so.

Start adding the flour gradually. Add flour until the dough is soft but you can roll it.

Roll sheets of dough that are about 5 mm thick.

Cut into medium diamond shapes.

Fry in deep vegetable oil; if you’d like to save on oil use a small, deep pen but this will take longer to prepare.

Serve warm with feta cheese and jams.

This doze makes enough buhti for six people.


We need a treat some times and this is delicious. Also, you treat six people with breakfast that costs about £1.

Try it and let me know whether your family loved it (I hope they do).