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One of the more taxing parts of running an ecommerce web store is dealing with returns. If your ecommerce company dropships your products, dealing with both the customer and the producer can be tough to manage at once. But if you ship things yourself, the process of getting the product back, refunding the item or exchanging it, and keeping the customer happy in a timely manner is a lot to handle.

A number of things can go wrong during a return – even if you are prepared and ready to handle everything from the get-go. The only way to avoid the stress of returns completely is to reduce the return and refund requests you receive. There are a few things you can implement into your ecommerce business plan today to help cut down on those pesky emails asking for money back on your items.

Here’s a quick look at reducing ecommerce returns.

Optimize Your Product Descriptions

Thebest way to reduce returns is optimize the description and product pages for your ecommerce site’s inventory. An easy way to do this to improve the description of each product.

After all, if you start a furniture store via Shopify and fail to provide the accurate sizing and color information, you’ll undoubtedly suffer numerous returns. And for products that big, dealing with returns can be a devastating expense. Adding information regarding its uses, what the product is made of, cleaning or upkeep tips, sizing information, or anything else that may be helpful is essential.

Adding video reviews and demonstrations provides a solution to  one of the biggest weaknesses associated with ecommerce – the inability to see the product in person. A video can also help the user get to know your brand better, since you can infuse personality into the presentation.

How you present yourself in the video is indicative of your brand’s credibility, so make sure to have a great face and voice behind what you are trying to sell. That doesn’t mean someone attractive, but rather someone who looks and speaks like they understand the products being offered.

Allow for Shoppers to Do the Talking

Another easy way to make sure you cut down on return requests from your ecommerce customers is user reviews. Some ecommerce site runners are scared of this because they believe it could lead to an uptick in negative feedback. However, this fear is largely unfounded if you are selling quality products.

Allowing customers to share their thoughts helps convince others to buy. If you are saying something is great, it is hard to look past the point that you are the one selling the item. If others have purchased the product and are willing to review it for you, that will carry much more weight with your prospective customers. After all, they have no obligation to do so.

Keep Your Product Quality High

A strict quality control process will help minimize returns. You should also take the time to package things carefully, and make sure it reflects what you promised on your website.

Pulling a fast one on customers is unethical. Further, shortcuts get you nowhere when you are trying to start an ecommerce business. Returns cause headaches for all involved, so make sure to implement these tips and look for other strategies to limit the number of requests for returns you receive.

Less time spent on returns means more time converting sales for your ecommerce site.