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Christmas eve

It is Christmas Eve and for me, as an Eastern Orthodox Bulgarian, this is when the celebrations really happen.

It is a family thing; not a noisy, showy affair full of presents but a family meal.

The meal consists of many vegetarian dishes: after all it is the last meal of the fast. On Christmas Day we have meat; traditionally pork.

Today I cooked; I cooked many different dishes. On the picture, you could see that there were nine different dishes:

stuffed cabbage leafs;

  • beans;
  • pear;
  • feta cheese pie;
  • coleslaw;
  • pickled onion;
  • tomato and pepper salsa;
  • peanuts; and
  • kadaif (this is syrup soaked eastern dessert)

This is done for health, prosperity, good luck and fruitfulness next year. I also learned today that as part of the custom one shouldn’t clear the table. This is so if the vluhvi (in Slavic pre-Christian culture these were magic men, good wishers, medicine men) come around, they’ll have something to eat and put a good wish on the house.

We cleared the table; there is so far I could go for a custom.

Please also welcome the new member of our family.

Meet Suzie!


She is eight weeks old Border Collie (Blue Merle) and just moved in today. She is very clever, laid back for a Collie and is settling in well.

She misses her mum and dad, her brothers and sisters but we have a blanket with her mum’s scent. She also loves cuddling into someone’s arms and sleeping there.

Will let you know how the night went; I remember that our previous dog was like having a baby – sleepless nights, cleaning poo and much joy and love!

Have you finished your preparations for tomorrow?